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Q: What should a girl expect when she has sex for the first time?
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What should you expect when going to a Nascar race for the first time?


Should a girl get checked after her first time?

first time skiing ey?

What should a girl expect after she has sex for the first time?

When a girl has sex for the first time, she will think your pregnant but she will also want to do it again unless she were being raped. A boy likes having sex so when she has it for the first time, in a few days he will ask you to do it again. If she says she is not ready he will say ok. But if she straightly says 'no' then he will dump you.

How long should firsttime sex last?

Well for the first time if its the man and the womans first time you can expect 3-19 minutes of sex.

What should you do if a girl turns you down the first time you ask her out?

Find another girl to ask.

Why do you always find reasons to break up with girl after girl?

Not everyone is perfect.You can't expect to find the perfect woman the first time you go out with someone.It will take time,but there is nothing wrong with you.

What should you say to a girl that you have not seen in a long time the first time you call her?

lets get together

Does a girl like to play with a guy's penis?

sometimes, but not always. You should never force a girl to play with it, nor expect her to. There is a time when this is appropriate, and times when it is not.

When should a girl have here first kiss?

When you Feel like its the right time. :]

How should boy talk to girl on phone first time?

Be really sexy

Should a girl call a guy for the first time?

Sure - there is nothing wrong with it.

What do girls expect on the fist date?

i am a girl and i say a good time, fun, someone to relate to, and nothing to serious especially on a first date

What should I expect at my first acting audition?

I would expect a lot of pressure. You should be prepared with high quality photos. Expect several others to show up the same time you do. Hopefully you have the training and practice to succeed and successfully get the position, as the competition is fierce.

What to expect first time wresting?


Will a girl ever kiss you?

chances are yes she probly will kiss you. it may take some time, for example dont expect a kiss the first day or even the first few weeks, but it rele just depends on the girl.

How likely is it to get a girl pregnant their first time?

As likely as it is any other time! Use protection and you should be safe.

What should a girls expect after first time sex?

Hardness and painess and must just enjoy having ?Moji.?

Why it is difficult to do something for the first time?

It is difficult to do something for the first time because you do not know what to expect or what the outcome will be.

If it his first time he will like you on top of one another?

assuming it's not your first then the top is good because it allows the girl to be in control, just don't expect much from him as he will most likely loose his load the first time he enters. now if you are both new at it then expect it to be really awkward and in most cases painfull, just go slow and use lube

Should you expect jail time for second DUI?


How do you credit card a girl?

I expect that there are red light districts where this happen all the time.

As a first time home buyer, how much can I expect to save with the new tax credit?

You can expect to save up to $1000 for your first purchase

How should a girl try to kiss a guy that she's not dating for the first time and how many dates should we have before I kiss him?


What to expect going to a liquor store for the first time?

Its Disgesting

How long should a girl wait for a guy to call her after sex for the first time?

it varies from ball to ball.