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anywhere from 105 to 125 pounds is within the healthy range for this height and age

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A 18 year old girl should weigh anywhere from 120-200.

120 pounds a 14 years old girl should weigh. It can't pass to 120.

A girl who is 5 years old and stands 48 inches tall should weigh between 50 and 55 pounds.:)

A 13 year old girl should weigh about 90-110 lbs but it depends on how ur body is and puberty

You should weigh about 100-115. I am 12 years old,but I have always been one of the tallest in my class I am a girl. I weigh about 110. I am 5ft 3in to.

I am 5'0 and I am 12 years old. I weigh 100 pounds. I think that a 5'0 12 year old girl should weigh between 100 to 120 pounds, it depends on your body structure.

if you are 13 yrs old than you should weigh about 120 lbs. if your 53 than you should weigh around 250 lbs

A 10 year old girl that's 4'11 should weigh about 85-95 pounds

depends on how tall. about 40-60

A 5 foot girl who is 18 years old should weigh between 89.6 lbs and 131.6 lbs. Actual weight depends on lifestyle, metabolism and body shape.

A twelve year old girl should weigh between 90-130 lbs.

A 10 year old girl should weigh anywhere from 90-150.

Average weight for an 11 year old girl is 24 to 66 kgs.

they should weigh about 42 pounds.

a 10 year old girl should weigh about 33 or 34 kgs

The ideal weight for a 4'8'' nine year old girl is between 82.5 and 111.5

a 9 -10 year old girl should weigh 60-71 pounds

You should weigh about 10st or 9st.

You should at least weigh 5 stone

They should weigh around 90-105lbs.

Its not good to weigh that much at your age . If you are nine years old and are average height you should weigh about 90-100 pounds. But your weight will depend on your shape, and how physically active you are.

A nine year old should weigh 80-90 lbs

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