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Their Account # and full name along with the obit and they may require a copy of the death certificate.

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Where can I find about a business credit line?

When a company, or members of a company, have a company credit card they are being extended a business credit line. This means that all expenses they pay that are related to the company are charged directly to the company on this credit line. You can go to local banks and their official websites to find out more. You can also go to credit card companies websites such as Chase.

Which company does interest free credit cards?

Almost every major credit card company offers interest free credit cards. The factors that depend on your qualification include past credit history and current income.

How do commercial bank create credit?

Commercial banks rate credit for businesses on many factors. Some factors include company revenue, company credit scores, and the ability to pay off ones debts.

Sample of dispute letter to credit company regarding fraudulent charges?

A letter to a credit card company regarding fraudulent charges will need to include the name, date, and amount f the charges. The letter will also include the account information.

What kind of services does the member services department of a credit card company offer?

The member services department of a credit card company answers any questions the customers may have. The stafff does everything they can to satisfy the members.

What does the company Comtrust offer?

The company Comtrust is a Federal Credit Union and as such it offers things like online banking, savings accounts, debit cards and credit cards. The also offer lending services to their members.

How much does Vanquis cost for members?

Vanquis Bank is a company in the U.K that offers credit cards to people who have poor or limited credit. Their credit cards have an interest rate that is between 39.9% to 59.9%.

What does the Clear Credit Corporation do?

The Clear Credit Corporation is a company that helps people improve their credit and maintain a good credit rating. The services they offer include the following: credit score optimization, credit restoration, debt settlement, and credit score consulting.

Is a website required to tell you when they are charging the credit card?

Yes, they are required to send you an E-Mail informing you that your credit card has been charged.

When a credit card company is awarded a judgment can you include this judgment on a Bankruptcy in CA?

The short answer to this question is YES.

How can a debt collection company know where you work?

Normally by pulling your credit report. Sometimes by speaking to family members and neighbors.

Where is the financial plus credit union based?

This unique credit union company, specifically owned and operated by its members, having what is called "Shared Draft Accounts" is operating in Illinois.

What is credit liabilities?

A liability is something you "owe" another person or company. A credit liability "usually" refers to a credit you owe, for example, an account payable may be classified as a "credit liability". Let's say your company purchased a computer system on credit, the balance you owe for the purchase is your "credit liability."This is a distinction between other liabilities the company owes, such as Salaries Payable, Income Taxes Payable, etc, as these "payable accounts" are generally not of the "credit line", just a debt owed. Credit Liability is generally something the company owes by way of "credit", this does not include other operating expenses.

How credit company manage credit?

Credit Company manage it by way of evaluating there customer on how they will use it and spend it. Some credit company limits their credit so that user can limit also the way they will spend it.

Are shares in a public company a credit or debit?

credit to shareholder and debit to the company

Can a a credit company file the same account twice on your credit report?

It happens and can be disputed. Call you credit card company or credit agencies.

Are online credit cards safe?

The safety of online credit cards depend on the company. There are several reputable companies, which offer online credit cards, which guarantee to keep the user anonymous. Keep in mind that these credit cards include feels and interest.

Which financial options are offered by Privacy Guard company?

PrivacyGuard offer their customers financial information such as one's credit score and credit report. The also offer identity theft protection to their members.

How do you find out if your company is eligible for credit card for fair credit?

In order to find out whether or not your company is eligible for this or not, you are going to have to contact the credit card company and ask if you are.

What is the benefit of having a union credit card?

A union credit card may provide extra benefits to Union members not normally available to non-union members. Benefits may include lower rates, lower or no fees, benefits for unemployed union workers and many additional benefits not available with traditional credit sources.

Can you pay your debt to the original company if the debt has been passed to a credit company?

No because the original company has 'sold' the debt to the credit company or in other words the credit company has bought the debt account from the original company for less than what you owe. That is why credit companies keep chasing you to pay them.

What is the correct way to say include into your credit references the answers to these questions or include in your credit references the answers to these questions?

"Include in your credit references the answers to these questions" is correct. It is more natural, however, to say "Include the answers to these questions in your credit references."

Who should you call if a credit card company listed you as deceased on your credit report?

You should call the credit card company.

What do you do when a credit card company has promised you a credit and they failed to deliver?

Call the company and ask for it

How do you cancel a credit card for someone who died?

Send a letter to the credit card company. Include all the pertinent information about account numbers and addresses. A copy of your letter of authorization from the court should also be included. The credit card company will then file a claim against the estate for any balance owed.