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There are many reasons why you are bored. You probably get tired of doing the same thing everyday. It's a routine almost, and you need something truly significant to change it.

  • Sky Diving
  • Scuba Dive
  • A Cliff Jump- With a professional assistant and be supervised.
Or anything absolutely outrageous to get your blood flowing and your eyes opened and feel blessed to be bored. If you want to stay safe, take a vacation or travel somewhere. There are many places that you could go.
  • Volunteer for a program
  • Save someone
  • Read a book, write a book
It would be a different story if your stuck at home though. So what I recommend is to create something, find a website. You can be kept entertained here, on YouTube, or on even! You'll find something, my fellow bored wiki. Just keep searching!

To tell you, I'm actually happy if I were bored. But let me inform you- you can never be bored, there is always something to do, nor matter the situation. You just think that you're bored.

Or you can search this up in Google: bored button. Click the first thing that comes up.

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Q: What should a person do when they are bored?
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the person is clearly bored and you should find another person to go out with that is worth your time

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be awesome like me

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to have fun and not be bored

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Well if you are getting bored with your girlfriend then maybe you and her should make a list of things about each other that makes the other bored.

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What are some ideas for things you can do when you are bored?

When we get bored, it is the time to do things which we find interesting. The interest may vary from person to person. SOme may find solcae in reading, some in watching TV and some in cooking. Depending upon individual, the activity to do after feeling bored will vary.

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You should email, and visit

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Sweetie, if you have a boyfriend who is worth your time, you shouldn't be bored wondering what to say to him. He should be making sure you're not bored and have no reason to get bored. One topic of interest could be to tell him that if he doesn't start helping you not be bored anymore he won't have to worry (not that he apparently does anyway) about whether or not you're bored anymore as you've gone off to find someone who's a little more fun. And pays attention to his girlfriend.

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Play with it or, just let her/he be

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Play war games.

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you should take a walk

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Read books or watch Video

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get of the computer

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