What should a person do when they are bored?

There are many reasons why you are bored. You probably get tired of doing the same thing everyday. It's a routine almost, and you need something truly significant to change it.

  • Sky Diving
  • Scuba Dive
  • A Cliff Jump- With a professional assistant and be supervised.
Or anything absolutely outrageous to get your blood flowing and your eyes opened and feel blessed to be bored. If you want to stay safe, take a vacation or travel somewhere. There are many places that you could go.
  • Volunteer for a program
  • Save someone
  • Read a book, write a book
It would be a different story if your stuck at home though. So what I recommend is to create something, find a website. You can be kept entertained here, on Youtube, or on even Bored.com! You'll find something, my fellow bored wiki. Just keep searching!

To tell you, I'm actually happy if I were bored. But let me inform you- you can never be bored, there is always something to do, nor matter the situation. You just think that you're bored.

Or you can search this up in google: bored button. Click the first thing that comes up.