What should an 14 year old if her 18 year old boyfriend got her pregnant?

1) Talk to her parents or another close adult she can trust.

2) Consider an abortion. She is not ready to be a mother and this child would face a very painful and difficult life. Abortion is not for all, so this will be a personal decision.

3) Consider giving up for adoption if abortion is not chosen. The child will have a better chance in life if raised by a capable adult.

4) Have the boyfriend take a paternity test to prove he is the father.

Then, in the event you keep the child, he will know to take responsibility and help pay for the many (and endless) expenses of raising a child. You have no idea how much time, money and effort this is. If you keep the child, your life is over and is now sacrificed to the child. Nothing but that child matters, your needs are a distant second. Consider giving it up.

That is a Great Answer... Same suggestions...