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There are many things that are called "the green team" so please be more specific. Thanks Marcy

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Q: What should people expect to gain from the Green Team?
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What to expect from your management team?

You should expect your management team to run the company as you would or better and also be able to give strict orders. A management team should keep you updated on all issues concerning your company.

Who does Green Bay Packers belong to?

The Packer team belongs to the people of Green Bay

What NBA team should people cheer for?

a team with black people on it

What numbers are the packer Jerseys?

The Green Bay Packers have several peole on their team and im not going to list all of the people on the team and their number so you should go to and click on pro football. Then look up Green Bay Packers. Next click on their Roster and you can then see all of the people on the team and their number. Any questions?

How can you enter the Indian cricket team?

we should play in the green and blue team we should play correctely and then we can play the world cup match

As a team player do you know how to motivate the people?

Constant encouragement and motivation has to be there. A team leader should take the initiative and set a good example for his team. Should identify the good talented people in the team.

Does green team has caffeine?

Yes it does. That's why wome people use it when they are tired.

Which NFL team should you support?

Green Bay Packers! GO PACK GO!

How many people should be on a basketball team?

there should be five players on each team and usually seven on the bench.

What is a soccer name for a light green soccer team?

The Green Beans Green Warriors The Mean Greens The Mean Green Team

What US football team has the team colors of yellow and green?

The Green Bay Packers wear the Green and Gold (or yellow).

How many people should you have on a cheer leading team?

20-25 people

What should a team consider when choosing team colours?

well some colors go good togother like green and blue and yellow and red.

What is a good team name for a neon green soccer team?

Lounge Lizards Gang Green

Which team is Joe Jonas on for the Disney channel games 2008?

Joe is on the Yellow team he was on the green team but he had to switch with Kevin No! Joe is on the green team, Kevin's on the yellow team and Nick is on the red team!

Is david wright the captain of his team?

Unofficially, yes - he is the leader of the team, on the field and in the clubhouse. He should be awarded with a '"C" on his jersey, as well as financially in a way to make him a Met for the remainder of his career! But this is the Wilpon's Mets - you can't expect anything from them that makes any sense! They should sell the team and buy the team they have always wanted - The Dodgers.

What is a good team name for a green team?

The Greenians

What actors and actresses appeared in Beach Body Circuit Workout - 2006?

The cast of Beach Body Circuit Workout - 2006 includes: Elizabeth Dalsgaard Nielsen as Herself - The Green Team Christina Haas as Herself - The Green Team Julie McKenzie as Herself - The Green Team Vicky Nielson as Herself - The Green Team Christina Pape as Herself - The Green Team Laurent Sillon as Himself - The Green Team Diane Youdale Mayhew as Herself - Presenter

Green Bay Football team?

The Green Bay is the Packers

What is the Green Bay Packers team colors?

Yellow and green.

What team did the Green Bay Packers become?

They didnt become any team they are still the "Green Bay Packers"

Why should people donate to a softball team?

It's a nice thing to do.

What is a good team name for a environmental competition?

the green team

Does green bay have hockey team? least not a pro team.

What ncaa team has green only as its team colours?