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It should be a high of 185 and a low of 140

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Q: What should the cylinder compression compression test be on a 94 3000gt be?
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95 Ford Ranger 4-cylinder 8 spark plug compression test?

pounds of compression per cylinder

How many compression strokes during a compression test?

3 - 4 per cylinder.

What is the cylinder compression for a 2003 90 hp mercury outboard?

I have a 2005 and compression should be close to 120 psi. Normally a good engine will have compression between 115 and 130 psi but a leak down test should be performed also to know the full condition of a cylinder.

What is the cylinder compression on a 5.7L vortec?

The ratio is 9.5.1 in the 350 vortec. Doing a compression test you should not have any below 100 psi and all should be similar to each other.

How do you check for bad cylinder heads on your 305?

compression test or leak-down test.

What is the cylinder compression for a 502 mercruiser engine?

Just did compression test on mine and the normal seems to be 160 -180

What test measuresthe percentage of compression loss in a cylinder and helps to locate where the leak is occurring?

Cylinder bleed down.

What are signs of broken ring in v8 engine?

Oil burning or loss of compression on any one cylinder. It may also be missing on one cylinder. A compression test will verify this.

What is the inidivual cylinder compression of a 1986 Chevy 454 truck engine?

You will have to do a compression test yourself to know that. A engine that is in good shape should have at least 150 LBS. per cylinder. There can not be more then 20 LBS. difference in any cylinders. It has to have at least 100 LBS. for the cylinder to fire at an Idle.

How do you test for broken piston ring?

Do a compression test on each cylinder looking for one that is significantly lower than the others.

How do you fix a cylinder with low compression on an outboard?

This all depends on why it has low compression. If the rings are worn out, the motor should be rebuilt. If one of the valves is bad, re grinding it or replacing them is the fix. Perform a cylinder leakage test to confirm it. You will probably need to take it to a shop for this, but unfortunately, there usually are no quick fixes for low compression.

When does an engine need to be rebuilt?

The easiest answer is when it fails a compression test. Buy a compression tester (farily cheap), and test each cylinder. If one single cylinder is below 120 psi, or if one cylinder reads 15% less pressure than the cylinder with the highest pressure, your engine should be torn down and checked. The problem might only be in the heads, but it's still time for some serious work.

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