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Q: What should the teacher have in mind when she designs the classroom organization and routinesWhat theories and principle should you have in mind?
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What is the basis of the classroom organization and routine?

Educational theories, educational philosophies, and established suggestions by recognized authorities in the academe are the basis of the classroom organization and routine.

What are the 14 theories of classroom discipline?

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An organization in science is one which does research and discovers new things/theories of knowledge

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While there are many theories introduced to explain the cosmology of the universe, the consideration of newly introduce theories related to the Big Bang Theory is a very subjective. Perhaps this has something to do with what has been taught in a classroom setting.

What should the teacher have in mind when she designs the classroom organization and routines?

They should have in mind the size of the classroom and the amount of things they want to put in the classroom as there must be enough room to safely store everything so that children are at a lower risk of hurtimg themselves. They should also consider how cluttered the classroom is as some studies have shown that children cannot work properly in a cluttered room. The routines should be simple and easy to follow, incase the class ever has a cover teacher; they should also leave suitable amounts of time for each activity.

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