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what should a wedding planner wear to a client's wedding


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As much as possible. The wedding planner has to no the bride. Otherwise the wedding wont be the bride's and groom's dream wedding, it would be the wedding planner.

Becoming a wedding planner is a natural talent. If you love planning events specially wedding and bridal showers then a career in wedding planning is definitely a yes. To read an article if you should be a wedding planner, go to

Often the wedding planner is not invited to the rehearsal dinner, but if the couple want to invite the wedding planner they should also invite his or her's spouse.

There are a list of available places to go to be a wedding planner. There are colleges, and even online programs to be a certified wedding planner. It is a dying profession, however, and this questioner should be warned it has become harder to become one

For hire wedding planner you should go to wedding burro and they can contact you to wedding planer. Indian Matrimony I presume you already have some qualification or experience as a wedding planner. If not, you will have to impress with your interpersonal skills.

Given that a wedding planner should have budgeting skills, project management skills, etc., I suggest a business management degree.

She didn't have a Wedding Planner. Alex and Katie both decided that they didn't need a Wedding Planner to plan there Wedding.

For the wedding planner question i say not all because having a wedding planner is costly.

Technically, a wedding planner is someone who helps you plan your wedding. A wedding planner is the one responsible for setting appointments and bookings for the wedding venues or reception areas.

The wedding planner is the one that should tell you how many times you need to see him or her. It generally takes three meetings. Going the first time to talk over prices and deciding what you want the wedding planner to do; another meeting to go over everything the wedding planner has been asked to do and then a third time to go over it just to be sure everything is done by the wedding planner that you want done and to pay the bill.

where can you study to become a wedding planner?

The duration of The Wedding Planner is 1.72 hours.

A wedding planner should be able to help provide: Music, catering & food, decorations, location, invitations, photography, and guest services (providing chairs, etc.). Though you may not want or need some of these services, the planner should be able to get them plus many more. Basically, if you want it for your wedding, your planner should be able to get it.

The Wedding Planner was released on 01/26/2001.

The Production Budget for The Wedding Planner was $28,000,000.

The Wedding Planner was created on 2001-01-26.

You do not need any kind of legal certification to become a wedding planner. You should have a decent amount of planning experience.

No, there is no federal training required to become a wedding planner. You should have a decent amount of planning experience.

A wedding planner usually charges 10% of the total cost of the wedding.

The first thing you should do is realize there is no perfect wedding. The best website to help plan your wedding is Wedding Wire.

There is training that is available for a wedding planner career. You can also try and work with an extablished planner and learn.

Not everyone goes to wedding planners. If you have a low budget, you could do the wedding yourself.

Answer A wedding planner is just another way of spending money for nothing. I'd say good bye to the wedding planner and get on with your wedding.

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