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they have to fight for a green world and clean they have to fight for a green world and clean

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Why should American citizens feel compelled to fight for their country?

American citizens should feel compelled to fight for their country because it is the place they have grown up. Their whole life is in this place. Their family and friends are there why wouldn't they want to? America is a beautiful and wonderful place. Someone who wouldn't want to fight of their country would have to be out of their mind. I know I would fight if I was 18!

Should wealthy patriots have been allowed to pay substitute to fight in their place?


Why should you stop polluting?

You should stop polluting to make the world a better place to live.

Why should we make the earth a better place?

because our children will have to live on it

Why should you stop having trash in landfills?

to make the word a better place.

What do you when you have to fight in middle school?

just fight :p or just dont fight in the first place?? wouldnt it be better to sort things out with a more mature approach rather than resolve to violence? lol but ikr its hard sometimes lol ;)

Where did the final fight of the Revolution take place?

Where did the final fight of the Revolution take place?The final fought took place in the place of Bunk Hill.

What did they do to make Texas a better place?

he made it a better place place

What should I do when I'm nervous?

i think that if you're nervous you should just find a happy place in your head and it should make you feel better.

What should you do in a fight?

There is a time and a place for most things. Even fighting. Fight when you must, but make sure you only fight for the right reasons. Consider the odds. No point fighting 10 to one. Being bound to loose, you'd better be smart and run. Much better to live another day than to die a brave man. If you however outnumber or outmatch the opponent, then be wise. Make your point, but end it there. No point ending up in jail because you went mad in a fight you were bound to win. Many fights are about girls. Boys and men should not fight over a girl fist to fist. Girls or women are not properties of the other sex. Let the girl choose her self.

What would happen if maths was not invented?

the world would be a better place the world would be a better place the world would be a better place the world would be a better place

Why should you grow trees?

to grow fruit and make oxygen and make the world a better place...

How do you fight a false police report?

There is only one place you can fight a false police report. You have to fight it in court.

What if your best friend isn't your friend anymore?

that's a bit unfourtunate.. but that usually happens over a fight. but if there has been no fight then you should still be best friends, if you were best friends in the first place then you should just tell them the truth and what you're feeling, so do that

What is the duration of A Better Place?

The duration of A Better Place is 1.45 hours.

What is better forced worship or no worship?

It is all about the heart. If the person's heart is not in the right place, then it should not be forced. Thus no worship is better than forced.

Why should someone join the militia?

Well, first of all, if you arew loyal to your country then you should fight for it right? Thats why all the American wars started in the first place

Should you go to a parking garage during a tornado?

No, the best place to hide in a tornado is a place where there is no or a small amount of windows. Even better, a basement.

Your girlfriend is going to be at this party and your ex will to what should you do?

find some place better to be and try and take your girlfriend with you

How will Earth be in 2020?

If Global Warming and Global Cooling can be balanced correctly then the Earth should be a better place

Who would win a fight a lion or a tuna fish?

Depends where the fight took place.

Where does Percy fight Medusa in The Lightning Thief the book?

They fight her at the statue emporium place.

Which is better place shimla or dehradun?

I personally think Shimla is a better place.

Why philosophy requires justice?

Philosophy proposes much and requires nothing. Enlightened men and women seek and fight for justice because societies work better when it is in place.

How do lawyers make the world a better place?

Lawyers make sure that innocent people don't go to jail and guilty people go to jail, and everything is how it should be.That is how lawyers make the world a better place.