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You describe them just the same as you would describe a real person: give a physical description, describe their personality and emotions, and tell about their goals or desires.

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Q: What should you answer when you are asked about the characters in the story?
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What characters should you have for your story?

Whatever characters you are interested in! Nobody can write your story except for you. Characters should be believable and seem to be real people -- not perfect or super-powerful. They should have enough interesting quirks to make the readers like them, and should make enough mistakes to make them human.

What should a story have in it?

A story should have a well-developed plot with a beginning, middle, and end. It should also have engaging characters that undergo growth or change throughout the story. Additionally, a story should evoke emotions in the reader and convey a message or theme.

According to Aristotle tragedy should the action of the story not it?

According to Aristotle, in a tragedy the focus should be on the actions of the characters rather than the story itself. He believed that the events in a tragedy should unfold through the actions of the characters, leading to a cathartic experience for the audience. Ultimately, it is the choices and decisions made by the characters that drive the tragic events in the story.

What is the moral of the story puppies for sale?

The moral of the the story puppies for sale is that we should understands them we should not behave that they are lame or not we should treat them equal.

Should a book report be about the people and not what they do in the book?

the book report should be about what is the book is mainley about and who are the main characters and what they do in the story.

Who are the characters in the story the champoon?

Who are the characters of the story

Why are characters important in a novel?

Characters are the people or things that the story happens to. Without characters, you have no story at all.

What do characters do for literary work?

The characters are the beings that the story happens to. Without them, there is no story.

What do characters do for literary works?

The characters are the beings that the story happens to. Without them, there is no story.

Is the story dominated by characters or by plot or theme?

If you mean novels, there should be balance between the three.

What of characters are important in the story?

The question is unclear. Many things about characters are important in a story. If the characters are not believable, the reader won't care about them, and won't read the story.

What do you call the people or animals in a story?

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