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The ONE THING to be sure of when buying home owners insurance is to make sure it covers "Replacement Cost" of anything lost..

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Q: What should you ask when buying homeowners insurance?
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If they have homeowners insurance how do find out who its through?

You will have to ask them for it.

What are common questions about life insurance that one should ask the life insurance agents before buying a policy?

Common questions about life insurance that one should ask the life insurance agents before buying a policy are if it is term or whole life insurance and how much it cost.

Where can one find tips for buying car insurance?

Buying car insurance can be tricky. One should ask friends and family what experiences they have had with car insurance and then do some online research to find what insurance is best for their needs?

Does homeowners insurance cover broken windows?

That depends on your insurance provider. Easiest way is to ask them.

How do you find out who is my neighbors homeowners insurance carrier?

Ask them. If they want to tell you they will.

How do you find out if a property has a homeowners insurance policy?

You ask the property owner.

How do I find out if my neighbor has homeowners insurance?

You just have to ask them if they have insurance on the house. There is no other way to find out as all insurance information is protected under both state and federal privacy laws. Homeowners insurance and policy information is "not" a matter of public record.

Does homeowners insurance cover plumbing breaks under the slab?

Contact your agent and ask them if you are covered.

Will homeowner's insurance cover bills for my dog attacking a neighbor's dog?

It's possible but you should contact your insurance agent and ask. Most homeowners insurance policies these days have default language that excludes liability for for animals.

How can you get a homeowners policy for a 2-year-old home that is 80 percent complete?

Ask your agent! You will want to ask him about "construction" insurance.

Does homeowners insurance cover ruined gardens?

Not likely. Never heard of someones garden being covered under a homeowners insurance policy but. To be sure though you might want to review your policy schedule of coverages or ask your Insurance Agent.

Can convicts get drivers insurance?

While most car insurance companies ask if a person has had any convictions in the last five years, it should not prevent them from buying insurance. However, it may increase the cost of the premium.

How does one get CA gap car insurance?

Although it is not mandatory, you should ask your lender about their policy for getting gap insurance. You can get it if the car you are buying is less than eight years old.

What information should you ask when buying a home in foreclosure?

You'll need assurances that there are no other leins or encumberances. A title insurance company will help you there.

Can you buy homeowners insurance if you have a gas fireplace?

Yes, the will probably ask you about your fireplace but I have never seen that as a reason for denial.

How can I find out about purchasing car insurance?

You should contact different car insurance companies before purchasing a policy. You can find more information online and it helps to ask questions before buying.

How Homeowners Can Get Low Cost Auto Insurance Quotes?

Car insurance companies look at just about everything when deciding insurance premiums, because just about anything can make a big difference in the actuarial tables that let them know the possibility of a claim from a certain policy. Many insurance companies now offer special discounts to homeowners, because their tables show that homeowners are safer drivers. Other insurers only offer such a discount if the driver is also buying a homeowner's insurance policy through the provider. Even so, ask about a homeowner's discount if you own your house or apartment. You may end up paying much less for your coverage.

Will homeowners insurance cover removing a giant swarm of honey bees that made their hive between the upper and lower floors of your home?

Ask your insurance agent to be sure.

Can you do the home repairs yourself and get paid by homeowners insurance?

Just contact your Home Insurance Company and ask them about it. Many companies are fine with this for small claims or minor repairs.

How do you make homemade firecrackers?

First you ask your parents (whom I presume are at work) if they have homeowners, medical coverage and liability insurance, then you...

How much homeowners insurance do you need?

That depends on how big of problems you want to be protected against. Ask your insurance agent--they will usually recommend a typical amount based on your area and home.

Does homeowners insurance cover termite damage?

Usually not. Check your policy for Perils Insured Against, and Exceptions. Call your insurance company. If they say it is not covered, ask where it says that in the policy.

Does homeowners insurance cover an injury to a guest of a renter in the same residence of the homeowner?

If the renter bought their own renters policy, his insurance would cover the claim. Because you are renting out the home you should not have a standard home owners policy. Call and check with the Claims department of your insurance co and ask the question.

Is a downed pine tree covered by homeowners ins?

Contact your insurance Company and ask them. Most homeowners insurance policies will only cover the cost of tree removal if the tree fell on the house, otherwise if the tree fall did not damage you insured property improvements, then it's just the homeowners own responsibility to remove debris after the occasional storm.

If you live in a townhouse who is responsible for insuring against flood damage?

For townhouses, you should make sure your homeowners association carries appropriate federal flood insurance which protects you and you neighbors from rising water from a stream, river, ocean or canal. If a flood in your house is caused by sewer backup or a broken pipes, you need to make sure your personal homeowners insurance covers those problems. Also, ask your homeowners insurance company how to insure common walls of a townhouse in case your neighbor has a broken pipe or some other internal problem.