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What should you check if you have suddenly lost sound on your computer?

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Make sure your sound card is properly connected inside your computer to the motherboard. Make sure the driver is working properly. check your sound card and your wiring.

2006-07-28 19:09:21
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Why does the computer suddenly make a louder whirring sound than usual?

The loud sound is probably caused by the fan in your computer. :)

What are the first things a person should check when there is no sound on the computer?

The sound card is the first item what you need to check. If have no problem with the card, you need to check the software. And maybe you need check the connection,

You have suddenly started getting a buzzing sound instead of sound on your computer and no sound you have Windows XP?

Your computers sound system may need replaced.

Why new computer does not have sound?

If you bought a new computer and you do not have sound, there could be something wrong with the sound card, your settings are not correct, or your speakers are not set up properly. Check with the dealership you purchased if from. They should be able to help you.

What should you do when your sound device stops working?

get a sound card for the computer

You upgraded your computer from Windows 98 to XP and your system has no sound what should you check first?

You should check to see if a driver for your sound card has been installed; XP may not have one for your card. You can check this by right-clicking My Computer, selecting Properties, going to the Hardware tab, and launching the Device Manager. If any devices have a yellow question mark, then they do not have a driver installed. You need to find a driver for the card, either on the computer manufacturer's site, or the producer of the sound card (ie. Yamaha, Creative, Intel, etc...).

How do you put club penguin on silent?

On the computer your computer should have this sound thing. Go to the sound thing and mute it.

How do I know if a specific sound card will work in my computer?

Check if the required specifications match what your computer has installed.

You lost your sound on your computer?

Check your cords. Make sure everything is connected that should be.Check the bottom right of the screen make sure your not muting. Check the audio volume of the music player.Troubleshoot your speakers.

What do you do if your computer speakers are not working?

Check your speaker cables plugs and connections. Check the actual speakers on another computer. Check that you have not turned off the volume on the task bar or sound card set up. Check that the sound card drivers are installed properly. (look in the 'Device manager' for an exclamation mark next to the sound driver).

Why should you turn on your speakers on your computer?

so you can get sound

My PC with xp windows has no sound. I checked the speakers and they are ok. What would be the possible causes and how can i check them.?

Check to see if your sound card is working properly and compatible with your computer. Go to My Computer, click Properties and then Device Manager and there will be a yellow sign to show if sound card isn't working. Check to see if your sound card is working properly and compatible with your computer. Go to My Computer, click Properties and then Device Manager and there will be a yellow sign to show if sound card isn't working.

Why would a PC have no sound?

There will be no sound if the computer has been muted, or the volume is too low, or the sound card is faulty. Try using headphones to check if the sound is there.

Do I need to upgrade my sound card for computer gaming?

A sound card upgrade should not be needed for most computer gaming applications.

Why is your computer audio not working?

Check sound level could possibly be on mute

Why isn't the sound working on my dell laptop?

When the sound isn't working on your Dell computer, the first thing you should check is the speakers. You will also need to go into the volume folder and make sure that the settings are correct.

What would cause a Windows xp Home version to suddenly stop playing sound out of both speakers when all of the plugs are plugged in the speakers are turned on and the computer is not muted?

You should try to clean the inside of your computer tower. The same thing happened to me. Vacuum it and wipe it off.

What tools should be available when physically installing a sound card?

Pass mark sound check

Suppose your computer wont boot you tried many times but you have to delete everything on your computer after you do that your sound doesn't work anymore how do you get the sound back?

You need to find the sound card driver. Check the manufacture website for fresh drivers.

My computer sound doesn't work?

If the sound on a computer doesn't work correctly, it is wise to check the cords and make sure everything is plugged in. If that does not work, be sure the volume is turned up on the actual computer. If all else fails, consider investing in a new sound card.

What should i do if i can't hear anything on my speakers on my computer?

First I would check different sound settings in the computer - for example in Windows, there is a sound icon; check whether it isn't turned off. Also check whether your speakers aren't turned off - and whether they are plugged in.If you hear sound after checking this, it may be that the problem is with some specific program (for example, a music player in which you don't hear the music); check the program's specific settings, restart the program; and if that doesn't work, reinstall the program that doesn't work. Or try an alternative program. If the entire computer still produces no sound, you may want to try other speakers; and if that doesn't work, you'll probably need to take the computer to a technician.

How do i hook audio input to my computer?

You sound card should have a audio in port.

How do you hook up your computer speakers to your computer?

They should plug in on the back. The socket is often green for the main speakers. If that doesn't work, try a socket on the front. If there are no sockets, then you would need to install a sound card. If you get no sound, then check your connections, make sure your amplifier is getting power (unless you are using lightweight headphones and have them plugged directly into the computer), and check your sound drivers. If you just installed your OS, then you may need to go to the sound hardware manufacturer's site or the motherboard manufacturer's site and download the drivers. Or you might have a driver CD you need to install. You should also make sure you didn't disable the sound hardware in the control panel or in the Windows volume control options.

When buying new computer speakers, should I upgrade my sound card?

A sound card upgrade is not neccessaey when changing your speakers.

How can I download free sound effects to my computer?

A good website to check is Squidoo - they can offer sound advice and is very helpful in aiding you with easy to read instructions about free sound effects.