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A better Strategy would be to to firstly to take pictures of all the cord configurations so you remember them and secondly to pack the computer into a medium size box; line the box with crush(packing paper) and coat all the parts of the computer with crush as well. Use crush to fill any gaps between the computer parts and finally pack a strong layer of crush at the top of the box then seal it.

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List at least three task you should complete before moving or shipping a computer?

The first step before moving a computer is to ensure all programs are shut and the computer has been properly shut down. Next, be sure that all of the cords are unplugged and then you should pack the computer securely to avoid damage while shipping.

What are the precaution in handling your computer?

always have the computer turned off when handling or moving a computer, or laptop. when a disk is inserted, always remove before moving the computer or the disk may result in a scratched and/or broken state.

What should you do before you log onto the computer?


If you are moving should you buy your guinea-pigs before or after you move?


Should I buy a grounding strip before opening my computer and installing new RAM?

No, but you should turn off and unplug your computer before opening it for any reason.

What should you check on your computer before you schedule a task?

that the date and time programmed on the computer is correct

How long should you wait before moving in with your boyfriend?

Round about 6 Months

What should every passenger do in a car before it starts moving?

Buckle their seatbelts!

What should employees receive before using a computer?

a job

How can you see moving pictures on Google?

if you poo your pants 15 times and and type in moving picture you should find it there (and if that does not work then smash the computer or laptop and try it then)

Should I but a computer with a tower or an all in one pc?

The type of computer you should buy is really dependent on its purpose. If you believe that you will be moving the computer frequently, then the all-in-one is a better choice. Otherwise, the tower computer, for the same price, likely has far better specifications.

What if your best friend is moving he's you like him should you tell him before he leaves?


What should every passenger in a car before it starts moving?

fasten his or her seat belt

Can you flat tow a Hyundai Accent?

No you should not do it. Always replace it before moving the vehicle

Can I replace my power supply fan if it isn't moving?

Well yeah you should. If you dont ur computer will not work.

What should people do when you get a virus?

turn it off and go to a computer store to get it removed before it shuts down your computer

What are at least three tasks before moving or shipping a computer?

Power off computer and cut power completely. Wrap up and label all cords and wires. Wrap the computer up into the factory box.

When starting up a computer what should you do before you turn on the computer system unit?

Make sure everything is plugged in, turn the monitor on, and turn the computer on. On older computers, make sure you take out floppies before you start the computer.

Why won't the yeti move on Poptropica?

When you are at the Pacific Northwest, Bigfoot ( or the yeti) should be moving. If not, you should try a different computer or possibly a different account. If changing the computer or account does not work, I don't know what to tell you.

What should you do before opening the console to work on a computer?

Before opening a computer, there are actually a number of things you should do. First you should finish any food, beverages, or tobacco products you are using. You certainly don't want to get liquids inside the computer. Then you should unplug the computer from the wall and from any landline phone connections. That is to protect the computer from electrical damage and to protect yourself from electric shock. Then you should make sure you are grounded to where you won't have any static discharge.

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At least 24 hours.

List at least three tasks you should complete before moving or shipping a computer?

back up the hard drive onto a tape cartridge or other backup medium separate from your computerremove any removable disks, tape cartridges, or cds from the devicesturn off power to the computer and all other devices

Employees should receive this before using any computer equipment?


Which precaution should be taken before any electronic component is removed from a computer system?

make sure that the computer is unplugged

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