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This is called Identity Theft. Contact your credit card company immediately and the credit bureaus on what you should do.

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How do update iTunes on your computer when you already have an account?

Updating the iTunes software will not affect your existing iTunes account or music library.

What is a scientific discovery?

Discovery means finding/Locating some thing which is already existing in nature.Like Columbus discovered America. But Scientific Discovery means some thing new is discovered/formed from the existing elements/things available in nature.

When you get a 200 dollar gift card is it already on there after activated?

Yes. When you activated it it will work.

How do you activate your sperm?

It already is 'activated'..

What do i do when my phone which is already activated says it needs to be activated?

Contact your network provider. It may be that there is something their system hasn't done to show the handset is activated.

Do you need a separate bank account to disburse the gratuity?

No. There is no such requirement. Gratuity can be paid into your existing bank account itself. If you do not have a bank account already, in that case you may need to open one in order to get the gratuity disbursement but if you have one you can use it.

What is the definition of existing system?

Existing System- which is already present in the market.

What is the activation code on Neopets for kendria435?

You do not need this code since if it was your account you would have recived an e-mail with the code in it - but since this is somebody else's account (which might already be activated) that is unfair to go round asking and is considered cheating..

Where you can log in on your account in tppcrpg?

well when you go to on the side of the page it says login and sing up if you you dont have an account sing up then login and then it will say how many hours you have to wait so your account could be activated and if you already have an account instead of clicking sing up click login then put you trainer number or name then put your password then=BAM==your already loged in== your welcome=

How do you go on Facebook?

You find the search bar at the top of the computer screen and go to Once you get there, you can either easily make a free Facebook account or you can start having fun on your already existing account.

What is preactivated software and if Windows 7 is preactivated what does it mean?

It means that the software is already registered or activated if you will install it. You will not enter any key or product id because it's already activated.

What is a sentence for existing?

There's already an existing agreement between those two.

Are there additional benefits to opening a high yield savings account?

Often times high yield savings accounts do not require a minimum balance. These accounts can also be set up in addition to an already existing checking account you may already have which makes it easy to transfer funds.

Does anyone know how to get an account in tribalwars that has already had good progress on it for free?

Doing this is almost impossible unless you have a friend that doesn't want his account anymore. The tribalwars staff checks on the area and timezone that an account is and has been activated. ex. If you are in the USA and have just logged into and account that was created in Lebanon, the staff will delete the account within 3 days.

How can you create a Facebook account on a computer where another Facebook account already exists?

Facebook keeps no record of how many accounts are on your computer, so you can simply log out of the existing account and create a new one, neither account will go away unless you choose to terminate it! You cannot terminate a facebook account...

What is the meaning of existing?

Something that is already there or already exists or is not new. Frequently on this site people ask a question that already has been asked and is somewhere on the site. So their question is an existing question.

Why can't your cards upload in chaotic?

it is probably because they were already activated

What is existing technology?

technology already made

Can you open a business when you already have an existing Job?


How do you start playing Perfect World?

you need to create an account on its website first' then you download it, log in with your username and password, create your character or choose an existing character you have already created.

If you buy World of Warcraft and already have an account will the free month work again?

If you mean for the account you already have, no. For your new account, yes.

What is the difference between amendments and revisions?

A revision is a change to an already existing law or regulation. An amendment is when something completely new or different is added to an already existing law.

Can you add xbox live months to your current xbox live months?

Simply buy more time with a credit card or with a card from a game stop and add it to the account you want, if that account already has time on it, it should add it on to your existing time automatically.

In Tally Licenses are already activated and how to Surrender license of Tally?

how to surrender of tally 9

Why can't magic jack works and its already activated?

Because it's not actually magic