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I think it depends on the conditions. If you are the seller of something and the buyer doesn't think he got a square deal, just tell the person to return the item and you will refund the money, including the return postage. That should get him off your back.

You might want to talk to ebay, not just to 'report' the person but to ask if the transaction was covered under any of their various insurance policies. I mean, I don't know what you sold him; if it was a 40,000-dollar Mercedes, coming up with a refund might be a bit tougher than if you sold him a Lionel train set for 30 bucks.

Presumably, as you have made some kind of transaction you both have each other's physical address. If you live at opposite sides of the continent distance might make you safe; if you live two towns apart, it could be a scarier story.

If this person for any reason has threatened physical harm, you have every right to contact the police in his town and tell them that you have been threatened. Threatening words are as much a case for assault as hitting you with a brick. You have the right to ask them to go talk to this person, but of course this might just up the antagonism. I'm hoping refunding his money will do the job, because this is not a good situation.

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Q: What should you do if an eBay buyer threatens you?
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