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By the sounds of it you need a job.If your working even part time,most financial places will consider you for a loan.Everyones credit rating starts somewhere.Does USA government have any student programs that you could apply for?Sometimes there are grants you can apply for(those are the ones you don't have to pay back) and then theres the loans which you do have to pay back but not until your working and then the interest rates are really low.It would be nice to know trhe reasons your parents are unwilling to help you since you are just asking so that you can have a career to live on instead of just a job.Good-Luck

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How can a student pay for a school that doesnt offer financial aid or loans and the student has bad credit and whose parents cant cosign a loan because they dont qualify either?

You're SOL. Generally, schools that don't qualify for financial aid or loans have serious problems. Perhaps you should look into a better school?

Can a UK resident co-sign for a student loan for a student who is a US citizen going to school in the US?

the answer is NO, to cosign a loan you have to be a US citizen or Permanent Resident. in most cases applicant must have SSN and be a PR in the united stated to cosign

How do you obtain a student loan when your parents refuse to cosign the loan application?

You can apply by yourself as you long as are 18 yrs or older. Talk with your school councelor. There are plenty of lenders that specialize in student loans. FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is a great start. There is alot of information as well as filing for student loan thru them. Most are student loans that will be on deferment til you are out of school for whatever reason.

When dealing with a school who are their customers?

A school's customer is the student and/or parents of the student.

How can you get a student loan with a poor credit record?

Gosh, when I was going to school, you could get a student loan independent of having good credit (thank God). The rules may have changed since the early 90s when I was in school, but I think the point of the student loan program is that you can get a loan without a credit check!

Where can I get high school student credit cards ?

If you have a job or if you are a working student, you can apply to have a credit card. Because credit card companies like HSBC will not allow people to apply for a credit card without a salary. If you are a working student, you can apply for one and the amount or limit of your credit card will depend on your salary.

How many credits should a high school sophomore have at the end of the year in Washington state?

It will depend upon the school and how many credit hours the student can take yearly. The student should have close to 14 credit hours.

Can School Police in Texas Question a student?

In the state of Texas can a police officer go to the school and question a minor student without their parents

Student credit card?

A student credit card is designed for the use of University students and high school graduates. A student is qualified to apply for this credit card if he or she meets the bank's requirements. Most banks require students to open a savings account as part of the qualifications. Getting a student credit card is now easy with the collaboration of universities and credit card companies.

If your parents refuse to sign your student loan and you have no credit is there still a way to get a loan?

As long as you are 18 and have been accepted to an accredited school it should be no problem. You may have to go through a guaranteed student loan agency not just any bank.

Can a school have a meeting about a student without telling the parents?

Theoretically, yes.

Where can one apply for a Citi student credit card?

The Citi student credit card is a car designed to help college students build their credit while they are in school. In order to apply for the credit card, one must visit the Citi website.

do i have to have good credit to receive a grant for school school of art.?

Federal student aid is not predicated on your credit score. There is no credit check. You cannot, however, be defaulted on a student loan. You must complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at There is NO fee to apply. This information will be sent to the school or your choice where it will be reviewed and, depending on your eligibility, used to assemble an aid package. You must be accepted at the school for the process to advance. The federal aid program consists of grants and student loans.

Im a graduate student in health professional school that already has federal unsubsidized subsidized loansI need private loans for more money but your parents friends you have a bad credit score?

Well congratulations on being a graduate student! If you need additional funding for your schooling and you have a bad credit score, then you need a co-signer who has a good credit score. There are a few lenders out there that take risk on bad credit borrowers.

Can a school keep an 18-year-old student who is estranged from their parents from donating blood without a parental signature?

In the US, if you are 18 years old, you don't need your parents' signature for anything, except maybe to cosign for a loan. Keep in mind, that you need to weigh a minimum amount to be able to donate blood, so if you don't weigh enough, the school could keep you from donating.

What companies are best for students looking to sign up for a credit card?

Featuring the best student credit cards and student credit card deals including Visa, MasterCard and Discover Cards. Find card application resources from leading companies, including the following student credit card offers located across our website for students in college and first time credit cards for high school student.

How late can a high school student work till?

By law on a school night a high school student may work until 10 but they could work later if their parents let them.

Who has the right to see your student record?

the school the teachers the principle your parents and the government

If you have bad credit due are you still eligible for student loans?

It depends on how old you are, and if this is your first degree. In the UK if you are a school leaver and you have some bad credit you would be entitled to a student loan. However if you are a mature student they may not grant you one.

Where did john brown go to school?

He went to a local school by his parents and was taught to hate slavery. And was a great student

What is the definition of a resident pupil of a school district?

Generally speaking, a student attends a school within the district in which the student lives. That is a clear definition, however, various circumstances can make this more complicated. Such an instance might be that a student starts school in the proper district. During the school here the student and the parents move to another part of town. In many cases the student will be allowed to finish the school year in the school where the student once lived.

Does the school pay if a student gets tripped and injured?

It depends how, where, and when the student was injured, and if there was any waivers the parents signed when registering the child.

Do children of Ecuador wear uniforms at school?

Every school private or public has uniform for their student. These uniforms are provided by parents.

Can school officials question a student without parents present?

Yes, but it really depends on the question School Officials ask.

List three school goals?

Improve student achievement in the areas of math and reading To involve parents and community members in student learning