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What should you do if you are choking?

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"How_to_resolve_choking" id="How_to_resolve_choking">How to resolve


First, try to breathe or swallow, then maybe say a few words

If you can still breathe normally, swallow, and/or talk, you are

probably choking but not completely. Don't be afraid if you aren't

fully choking and can still breathe and talk, if this happens,

drink as much water if you can find any in large swallows or

swallow your saliva. Your throat will probably be very sore, but

keep drinking and waiting, the food should either slip through or

dissolve in a few minutes. If the object is bigger than an inch in

diameter and is not food or is not dissolvable, seek help by

showing your hands on your throat and alerting people with hand

gestures. If you are aware that you can't talk and are fully

choking, get help, if there is no people around or near, try doing

chest thump's on yourself by putting your hands in a fist position

and your thumb onto your stomach just above the bellybutton.

Another thing you can do is lean forward on a chair and let your

weight fall towards the chair and push down on the chair.

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