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Either make a decision and pick one or face the fact that you are emotionally immature and will never be able to have a real relationship. You just want it all! You weren't fair with your ex and now you aren't fair with your present boyfriend. You just want your ex because you can't stand the thought of another girl dating him. Yes, it's time you did mature!

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Can you love your boyfrined's best friend?

Of corse not! If you want that, dump your current boyfriend. If you had romance with both, that would be cheating on your boyfriend! Rosie

When you know your boyfriend is cheating on you with girl you know what should you do?

You should tell the other girl and both break up with your boyfriend.

What should you do if you have feelings for your ex boyfriend but you have a boyfriend?

well first of all you should think of why you and your ex broke up - why did the relationship not work and then u should also think of who you really want to be with , would your rather get back with your ex or stay with your current boyfriend , a way to think of that would be to think of the pros and cons of both guys hope this helped

What is the current name used to refer to a boyfriend when both parties are over 50?

male friend?

When do you know call someone your boyfriend?

When you have both agreed you are in a relationship. Perhaps talk to him about your current relationship status.

How do you get your wifes boyfriend out of the picture?

Personally you should get them both out of the picture. She must not be very good wife material if she has a boyfriend.

Why did you cheat on your current boyfriend with your ex- boyfriend?

that possibly means you aren't over your ex. so maybe tell BOTH of them to take a break and think about it!

Should you lose your virginity with your boyfriend?

It depends on if you are both ready and willing.

When should I introduce my boyfriend to my parents?

Within 3 months or whenever you both feel you should.

Should I ask my boyfriend if he wants kids?

It is a discussion you should both have before you decide to marry.

You have a girlfriend and are happy with your relationship but you like another girl who also has a boyfriend how do you tell if she likes you too and then what should you do next?

You can't have it both ways and it is not fair or right to settle for your current girlfriend while waiting to know if this other girl likes you. You are in a relationship as well as this other girl and you should not do anything about this - she is with her boyfriend because she wants to be - let her be and either continue your current relationship or decide if you want out.

Your boyfriend wants a baby what should you do?

Discuss it together and find out if you are both ready or if you should wait a while

What do you do if you cheat on your boyfriend?

if you did cheat on your boyfriend you need to ask yourself, do you really love your boyfriend or this other guy (one you cheated on)? If you love your boyfriend you should tell him and talk to him and tell why you cheated on him. (was it something he did or said that made you feel like you needed to cheat on him) But if you don't love your boyfriend but you love the other guy then you should tell them both how you feel and break up with your current boyfriend. Talking is the best thing you can do. Decide what is best for you and be honest with him. Never lie because then you're relationship isn't real.

How can you get a girl to break up with her boyfriend when she likes both of us?

She may like both of you, but the fact that she only calls one of you boyfriend should tell you where you stand with her. She has made her choice.

How can you go back with your exboyfriend?

just do it, if u both want 2 try it again, then u should. there is no harm in going back out with ur ex, just don't be disappointed if it doesn't fully work out.

What should you do if your boyfriend is cheating on you with your friend?

You should firstly ask your friend to be sure about that. If the friend doesn't know about that, you both should dump him.

How should I go about kissing my boyfriend and we're both in eighth grade?

kiss him he will like it

How do you get your boyfriend to kiss you we talk about it but after you both agree to it nothing happens?

If you really want your boyfriend to kiss you then you shouldent wait for him to kiss you. You should kiss him!

If your boyfriend invites you to his friend's party should he be the one to bring something or should you both bring something?

Both bring something or else it's not fair

How do you stop a girl from flirting with your boyfriend?

>>>Kill her, hahah, joke,, it's up to your boyfriend, if he wants what the girl is doing with him then well I think you should talk to your bf... then both of you should decide on what to do./.

Can a guy hang out with a girl who has a boyfriend if her and her boyfriend are both cool with it?

Yes sure this possible. Having a relationship does not mean you should stop other relationship with friends. But you should know your limits

How do you know when your boyfriend is ready to lose his virginity with you?

When your boyfriend is ready he sould let you know. You both should be ready to do it together. You should both be in the same place in your relationship. Remember sex is a big deal and you cant go back once you have done it.

What if your boyfriends best friend likes you?

You have to ask yourself, do you like him back? If you find yourself troubled and questioning your relationship with your boyfriend, now is the time to talk with your boyfriend. The two of you should discuss whether your relationship is fulfilling your current needs; in other words, are the both of you getting everything you want out of your relationship? What is missing? What can be done?If you are troubled but not questioning your relationship with your boyfriend, simply and calmly discuss the current situation with your boyfriend. Be sure not to be accusatory--simply state your observations and ask him what he thinks of the matter. You're not out to break up a friendship.

Is it okay to hug a girl if they have a boyfriend?

If you know it's okay with her and her boyfriend, then it should be fine, but if you're not sure with one or both of them, then you shouldn't push the issue.

When your ex boyfriend tells people that you both know not to go to your party what does that mean?

Your ex boyfriend is sabotaging your party. He has no right that you both agree that people should not go to your party as it doesn't make sense.