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Tell her how you feel. Let her know that you are aware that she just got out of a relationship and that she still has feelings for her ex. Then tell her that you will be there for her when she is ready for a new relationship if she is interested. I think you should be patient and when you feel the timing is right tell her how you feel.

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Q: What should you do if you are in love with your best friend but she just broke up with her boyfriend and still likes him?
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What to do if your boyfriend likes your best friend and your best friends boyfriend likes you?

You should break up with your boyfriend and get your best friends instead

Should you ask your best friend out if you are 13 and you like her and people say she likes you and she has hinted that she likes you but she has a boyfriend?

As long as she has a boyfriend, you should not ask her out.

What should you do if you just broke up with your boyfriend and this girl like him what should i do?

Nothing. You broke up with him and the other girl likes him. It's none of your business.

What do you do if your friends boyfriend likes someone else and your friend really likes the guy and you know who your friend's boyfriend likes?

tell your friend

What can my friend do if she likes this guy but he has a girlfriend which is her best friend but then a guy she kinda likes asked her out what should she do?

go with the guy she kinda likes if she goes with the other one her friend will get mad at her and not talk to her anymore and you should let your friend be happy with her boyfriend

What does it mean when your best guy friend starts calling you cutie when you just broke up with your boyfriend?

It probably means he likes you.

What should you do when your ex boyfriend likes your best friend?

not worry about it. its ur ex

What should you say when a friend of yours just broke up with her boyfriend when she said she loved him and then the next day talk about how she likes another guy?

you should say nothing because there would not be any point.

Why does my boyfriend always call my best friend?

Because he likes them better and u should totally break up with him and not hang out with ur best friend but ask if your friend likes your boyfriend go now ask the biggest question of your life

What do you do if your boyfriend likes your friend?

You can't control who he likes and doesn't like. Just know that if he's with you, then he obviously likes you more. As long as your friend doesn't like him back, your relationship with your friend should be fine too.

Your friend went out with a guy and they broke up now the guy likes you and you like him should you stop liking him?

Talk to your friend about it first.

What should you do if your boyfriend likes your best friend and she likes him back?

For starters you should confront your boyfriend and ask if your suspicions are true. If so, you need to end the relationship. From there it is up to you to decide if you can handle being friends with them.

If a friend likes your boyfriend what do you do?

just ignore it. if you do something it might wreck your friendship with your friend or your boyfriend.

Should you tell your friends that your other friend likes you when you already have a boyfriend?

yes it solves problems.

What should you do if you like your friends boyfriend and he might like you?

if you think he likes you, you need to talk to him then your friend

Why does a guy hug a girl all the time when he says hi?

maybe because he likes her as a friend or maybe he's her boyfriend maybe because he likes her as a friend or maybe he's her boyfriend maybe because he likes her as a friend or maybe he's her boyfriend

I have a friend who is throwing a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend But she doesnt know that before he asked me out before her I think he still likes me Should I go what should i get him?

if ur friend likes him, then let ur friend have him, chances are that will hurt ur friend if she likes him, and i wouldn't risk a friendship over a guy.

How do tell if your boyfriend friend like you?

If he's your boyfriend then he likes you no doubt there.

What if your best friend and you are not as close as you use to be and now you like he ex boyfriend and you think he likes you to but you don't know if you could do that to her what should you do?

Be boyfriend & girlfriend. Your friend shouldn't care because he is her OLD or EX boyfriend:-)

What to do if your boyfriends friend likes you?

just tell him that you have a boyfriend or you could discuss it with your boyfriend and tell him to tell his friend...

What if your best friend likes your boyfriend but your boyfriend doesnt like her?

Then what's your problem?

What to do when your good friend likes your boyfriend?

As long as she is not flirting with him or talking about him all the time it should be fine. Maybe you should talk to her.

What should you do when your best friend likes your boyfriend?

I am in that exact situation where my best friend likes my boyfriend, at first I was really surprised cause she always said that she hated him, but I talked to her about it and I am ok with it now because my bestfriend would never think about stealing my boyfriend. If you feel like you can't trust your friend or best friend then maybe you should have a talk with your best friend, and if she trys to steal your boyfriend after that then she isn't really a good friend. You need to let your boyfriend know how this is making you feel and clairify with him that he would never leave you for her! You are beautiful and keep your boyfriend close to you and your best friend but only if she is willing to keep her paws of your boyfriend!

What do you do your your best friend likes your boyfriend?

Just talk it out with your friend and it will be ok!

What kind of questions should i ask my best friend?

do u like my boyfriend? are u jealous of me?