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What should you do if you are in love with your friend?

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let them know cause you only live once and they should know how you really feel

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What should you do you love your guy friend as a friend?

be friend

What should you do when your boyfriend's friend is in love with him?

talk to that friend.

Should you break up with your boyfriend because of your friend even though you love him?

no,you should not because you love him not youre friend so you should stay with him.

Should you tell you friend that your in love with him?


Im a guy and should you tell your guy friend you love him without it being homo?

If your guy friend is truly your friend then yes. If he really is your friend then it would not matter and it should not be considered homo. Just say that you love him as a friend.

What should you say spicificly to show your love to your guy friend?

i love you

Is it normal to torture your friend?

no! you should show your friend love. how would you feel if you were tortured by your friend!

What if you love a guy and he loves you but your best friend hates you everytime you go out with him should you dump him or should you tell you friend if she care to let you be?

You shouldn't dump him. Your friend isn't being a very good friend. If you love him and he loves you then that's what's important. Your friend should respect that.

What should you do if a friend is a lesbian to another friend?

Why should you do anything? A person's love life is their own business.

How do you know you love your best friend?

You should know if your in love with your best friend. I was, and I asked her out and she loved me too! :D if you have to ask how do you know your not in love with him/her

You love someone that only love you as a friend. should you wait for him?

tell him how you feel and then wait for his reaction.................. wait for her because she is my friend and he is my love.....................

What should you do when a guy says i love you?

Say "I love you" back if you love him. If you don't say, "I love you as a friend."

You love your best friend but he is gay what should you do?

you should just ask him out.

If your friend dont like you should you still be his or her friend?

It completely up to you. When you say you love some one , it should be unconditional . You don't even expect he or she should love you the way you do to them. There should be some reason why your friend don't like you , but just keep loving them one day he/she will understand what real love is

What do you do when you love the one who is in love with your friend?

Hmm, you should move on and forget about that person !

What should you do if your best friend loves you but you do not love him?

Tell him/her.

What do you do when you think your in love with your guy friend who is also youe boyfriends best friend?

When you feel that the time is right, you should tell him that you love him.

Should you love your best friend or could it ruin your friend like relationship?

It will ruin our friend like relationship

What should you do if you like a friend and they keep saying they love you but you dont think its love love?

you tell them the truth

Should you tell your best friend that your in love with them?

I told my guy friend that he was hot:-) he said oh.

My friend is a lesbian and I think I love her What should I do?

You should approach her and tell her your feelings for her and you can start to date since you love her already.

Should you tell your friend you love them?

if ur a girl yes

What should you do if you fell in love with your girlfriend companion who is your friend?

Tell her

Friend is in love with another friend?

Well what you should do is, you need to accept it. If that love gets too big then you should tell him or her. Now your thinking what if he or she doesn't like me back? Than probably you should, I can't answer that question.

What should you do if you think you are in love with your best friends ex?

You should talk to your friend before telling their ex that you love them because you don't want to loose your friend over it. Good Luck!

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