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It's OK to be afraid. Courage is not about never being afraid, it's about doing what's right regardless of your fear. If you absolutely have to have the tooth taken out, you should. Options: 1) bring a friend to hold your hand; 2) ask for anesthesia; 3) try hypnosis before you go; 4) pray.

Don't be afraid it's only going to hurt for the first 2 days then after that you'll be good as new!

just use some c4, shud get it out in a jiffy plus it wont even hurt

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โˆ™ 2010-09-16 21:41:03
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Q: What should you do if you have a tooth in the roof of your mouth and are scared to have it removed?
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How long can a tooth stay in your mouth after the nerve has been removed?

If the nerve has been removed in your tooth, you need to have a root canal done in order to keep your tooth in your mouth. A tooth that has had a root canal treatment and ideally a crown as well, has about 85% chances of staying in your mouth for the rest of your life.

What tooth is likely to be enlarge in the mouth of a carnivore?

The canines of a carnivore should most likely be the most enlarged tooth in its mouth

How many tooth should have a human in his or her mouth?


Why is there so much saliva coming from your mouth after having your tooth removed?

because you usually have your mouth numbed. so you can't feel the saliva in your mouth to swallow it, so it just drips out!

How long should your mouth be bleeding after you lose a tooth?

2 minutes

Is it normal to not be able to open your mouth wide after wisdom tooth surgery?

yes. the swelling preventing your mouth to open is the first sign of healing and the inability to open your mouth is because of the location your wisdom tooth was removed. you will gradually return to normal signaling the ending of the healing process.

What should you do if the baby tooth root is still in and the adult tooth is growing in?

You can go to the dentist and get your baby tooth/root removed. I had to get eight of mine removed last year. It's a quick and painless procedure, from my own experience.

How long should your mouth bleed after pulling tooth?

up to 9 days

If you nerve is removed from you tooth will you tooth die?


Is it normal for there to be an odor coming from where tooth was removed?

It is very normal. Just keep cleaning and rinsing your mouth per Doctors orders

Where is tooth?

in your mouth

How can you get dental caries?

lack of brushing teeth, plaque not being removed on the teeth, acid on the enamel surface of the tooth, bacteria presenting in the mouth, carbohydrates(sugar, and starches) remaining on the surface of the tooth,

Your tooth is growing out the roof of your mouth after yen years of being missing what should you do?


Is 60 too old wisdom tooth removed?

No. I am 61 and just had a wisdom tooth removed. No problem.

Is the fang the sharpest tooth in a snakes mouth?

Yes the fang is the most sharpest tooth in a snakes mouth

Must you have your wisdom tooth removed?

Normally, there is not enough room in your mouth for the wisdom teeth to come in. If you've lost some back teeth for one reason or another, the wisdon tooth can come in with no problem.

What is a tooth part of?

your mouth

Does trauma to a tooth result in tooth loss?

If a tooth is knocked out, you should push it back into its socket as soon as possible. It depends on the nature of the trauma, the intensity of the trauma and the type of damage that is done. If a tooth is fractured , it does not mean that it has to be removed. IF A tooth becomes discolored soon it need not be removed. If it becomes loose it need not necessarily be lost. HAVING SAID that , it should also be noted that the best remedial measures too need not meet with success in retaining a traumatised tooth,

Which tooth is your wisdom tooth?

Wisdom tooth is the 3rd molars and that build in each quadrant of the mouth.

How do you stop tooth ache?

Wash your mouth out with mouth wash and then rub some tooth paste on the most painfull tooth repeat it if you do it at night in the morning you can feel the difference.

Who removes a tooth?

Usually a dentist if the tooth is required to be removed. If the tooth is just loose because it's a "baby" tooth then it should fall out by itself with time and wiggling. If you are talking about your wisdom teeth that is usually done by an oral surgeon by appointment.

Can you smoke after getting a tooth removed?


What is the shortest tooth in the mouth?


Where is canines there in our mouth?

Third tooth from the front on either side of our mouth

Will dip effect you?

Yes, mouth cancer, tooth decay,and tooth loss