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What should you do if you have eight wisdom teeth growing side by side with four of them in the place of normal molars?

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i almost had 8, i had 7. three on top and 4 on the bottom. my dentist didnt seem too suprised; he said that of all the teeth in the mouth, wisdom teeth are the most common to have more or less of each one. i did get all 7 out last week, and it was miserable. so good luck. do NOT smoke ANYTHING.

2005-08-21 04:25:23
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What is the difference between molars and wisdom teeth?

Wisdom Teeth are the third pair of molars

How many teeth does a normal adult have?

The normal adult dentition is 32 teeth, including the third molars (wisdom teeth). Some people do not develop third molars, so normal dentition for them would be 28 teeth.

Are wisdom teeth molars?

Yes they are. Molars are the big teeth.

How many wisdom teeth are in a normal set of teeth?

Wisdom teeth is the common name for 3rd molars. We are biologically programmed to have three molars in each quadrant. However, Wisdom teeth or 3rd molars are one of the most commonly congenitally missing teeth, the others being lateral incisors and 2nd premolars. Therefore, some of us may have less than 4 wisdom teeth or not at all. If we all had all the wisdom teeth that we are supposed to have then we should have 4 in total (one for each quadrant)

What does a wisdom tooth look like?

A wisdom tooth may be growing beneath the gum and can appear as a lump. They are usually similar in shape to your back molars and about the same size.

How many teeth do human adults have?

The normal complement of teeth in adult humans (including wisdom teeth) is 32. Some people do not get wisdom teeth (3rd molars) and their normal dentition is 28.

Do you get your wisdom teeth or molars pulled?

Normally, the wisdom teeth--if present--will be pulled. One hopes to retain the molars for life.

How many molars do you have?

If you are an adult and still have your wisdom teeth, the you have 12 molars. If your wisdom teeth have been removed, you have 8 molars, unless on or more of them have been removed in the corse of your life.

How many teeth does a average human adult normally have?

The normal complement of teeth in adult humans (including wisdom teeth) is 32. Some people do not get wisdom teeth (3rd molars) and their normal dentition is 28.

What if your daughter is 4 and her wisdom teeth are coming tho is this normal?

this is not normal. are you sure they aren't just her molars? go see your dentist they will xray her mouth and tell you what to do

What is the name of the wisdom teeth?

Third Molars.

Wisdom teeth are what type of teeth?


Are your back teeth called molars?

Yes and eventually your Wisdom Teeth, which are behind the molars, will grow in.

Can growing pains cause headaches?

It can be a variety of things. New molars or wisdom teeth can make someone's head hurt. Hormonal changes can also cause headaches. However, it is not normal for them to persist. If headaches are ongoing, be sure to ask the pediatrician about it.

What is the scientific name for wisdom teeth?

The "Wisdom teeth" are technically called the 3rd molars.

What can you eat when your wisdom teeth are growing in?

When the wisdom teeth are growing in... You can pretty much eat everything like normal. There are some things, however, such as nuts that may get stuck in the teeth.

What is another name for the third molars?

Wisdom teeth.

Third molars in mouth are called?

wisdom tooth

Which teeth are referred to as wisdom teeth?

third molars

Who many molars do you have including your wisdom teeth?


What tooth comes in after your 12 year molars?

Either more Molars or your wisdom teeth. hope this helps!

What are the different types of teeth?

Inscisors, canine, pre-molar, Molars, Wisdom teeth are a form of Molars.

Which tooth is your wisdom tooth?

Wisdom tooth is the 3rd molars and that build in each quadrant of the mouth.

Should you get wisdom teeth out that are growing in sideways?

Yes, definitely.

What are the four types of teeth people have?

You have 5 types ; incisors, canines , pre-molars , molars , and wisdom teeth. :-)