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What should you do if you just broke up and she has fallen out of love because you didn't show her but you want to now but she just wants to be friends and how can you let go of this and move on?


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October 13, 2005 7:51AM

I am very sorry to hear this. It always hurts and many of us go through at least one lost love. You are actually in a grieving process so you should let it take it's course. Give it a couple of months, start going out with your buddies, party, have some fun, and before you know it you'll be back in the swing of things. I am a great believer that there is someone special out there for each one of us if we look and listen, but often, we are so into ourselves with problems we don't see what is before our very eyes. Just go with the grief, leave the girl alone, and then get out with your buddies and try to have a good time. I was married for almost 4 years to a husband that was abusive and a cheater and even though he didn't treat me all that well, the feeling of a failed marriage didn't sit well with me and at first I blamed myself. Through a good friend (male) I realized it wasn't my fault. I went through the grieving process, then quit the job I had, found a new one, made new friends and moved on with my life. Thank God, I did, because I met my wonderful husband and we've been married 33 years. Although there is no limited time for grieving, a month of this is enough and it's time for you to get out with those friends of yours. At first you won't feel like getting involved, but before you know it one night when you are out, you'll realize there is life after this girl. Good luck Marcy