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I am very sorry to hear this. It always hurts and many of us go through at least one lost love. You are actually in a grieving process so you should let it take it's course. Give it a couple of months, start going out with your buddies, party, have some fun, and before you know it you'll be back in the swing of things. I am a great believer that there is someone special out there for each one of us if we look and listen, but often, we are so into ourselves with problems we don't see what is before our very eyes. Just go with the grief, leave the girl alone, and then get out with your buddies and try to have a good time. I was married for almost 4 years to a husband that was abusive and a cheater and even though he didn't treat me all that well, the feeling of a failed marriage didn't sit well with me and at first I blamed myself. Through a good friend (male) I realized it wasn't my fault. I went through the grieving process, then quit the job I had, found a new one, made new friends and moved on with my life. Thank God, I did, because I met my wonderful husband and we've been married 33 years. Although there is no limited time for grieving, a month of this is enough and it's time for you to get out with those friends of yours. At first you won't feel like getting involved, but before you know it one night when you are out, you'll realize there is life after this girl. Good luck Marcy

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Should you still be friends with someone who broke your heart?

Yes because if you don't love each other than take it back a STEP and just become friends

Who was the fallen angel that had his wings broke by god?


Should you be friends with your ex who broke up with you?

Yeah, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!! :)

Why did Taylor lautner broke up with Selena Gomez?

because they were better as friends

What should you do if you went out with a girl but you broke up and now you are close friends but you want to be more?

Be friends first then see what happens from there.

Ok so your boyfriend broke up with you and you still have strong feelings for him but he just wants to be friends what should you do?

Just be friends with him because if you try to get him to go back out with you then he might not even want to be your friend anymore.

What should you do because your boyfriend is going out with your best friend and broke up with you?

Stay away they are both trash to treat you this way to start with. You need new friends.

Husband recently broke up with girlfriend staying friends with her?

It is not good. You and her should not be known or seen together because other people might think otherwise.

Why did allie and Sean broke up?

Because she got to busy with her schedule but they are still friends!

Is it possibly for you to be friends with your ex boyfriend?

Yes of course, I am friends with my ex. But its up to you, if you want to be friends of course, but if that's why you broke up then you should think a bit more.

Should I start talking to my Ex again?

No, there's a reason either you broke up with him or he broke up with you and trying to be like friends with someone you broke up with is very awkward so there's no point.

What do you do if a girl likes you but her friends tease her about it and you like her?

So there's this girl I REALLY like and we are both in 8th grade. I know she likes me back because she told me. We went out last year but she broke up with me because her friends were teasing her. Not all of her friends, the only ones that didn't tease her are also friends with me, and they say that we should go out again. But she is embarrassed to like me and go out with me because her friends that made fun of her before still do. Do I just move on because she's too embarrassed of me to admit anything? Or should I just wait and see how things turn out?

If your friends gf or bf broke up with them because they were jealous because they thought your friend liked you is it your fault they broke up?

no it's their fault for letting jealousy get the best of them, in other words.... you are not the exact reason they broke up, the reason they broke up was because they were jealous and couldn't see that the person they were with really liked them. Thanks a bunchhh

Should you get your ex boyfriend a birthday gift?

I think it depends how you guys ended up after you broke up, and why you broke up. If you guys are friends and ended it in good terms then why not? No.

What do you do when you've dated someone twice and you still like them but your friends hate him should you go for it or stick with your friends and lose your true love?

i 've been with this guy before for years...then broke it off because of my parents.....i regret it....what do i do? please help me

How do you talk to him after a break up?

It depends on who broke up with who. If he broke up with you ask if you can still be friends. If you broke up with him you should just go up to him and say that you are sorry but you don't want the breakup to ruin your friendship.

Should you be friends with a guy who you gave 3 chances to and he promised he wanted you but soon broke up with you and wants to be good friends still?

Wikianswers is not for personal advice.

What do you do if you still cant heal after you cheated on your girlfriend and what if her friends want to hurt you what do i do?

I don't know what you have to heal about because you broke your ex-girlfriend's heart. You cheated and broke that bond of trust with your girlfriend. Now you're paying the price. However, her friends should butt out and leave it up to the two of you to work out one way or the other. Apparently your girlfriend is immature and is playing the "wounded sparrow" scenerio to get friends to feel sorry for her and do her own fighting for her. The both of you should be discussing this and no one else should be involved.

Should your boyfriend ever swear at you and tell you to go away?

no he should not because i use to have a lot of boyfriends and i broke up with them because of that

Should you forgive your friend for making up a guy for you because she wanted you to be happy and she broke your heart and because it was all a lie?

I don't get this. but no. she broke your heart. that's different.

Why does your ex act like he doesnt want to be friends?

probably because hes a jerk & is upset that you broke up with him.

Why did Taylor and Taylor brea k up?

they broke up because she wasnt as into him as he was. they decided to just stay friends.

Why does someone who i broke up with want to be friends?

Simple. They care about you. And you can tell.. because together or not, they still want you in their life.

Why did Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez break up?

They broke up a long time ago. They broke up because they just wanted to be friends and they were both separating for their careers.

What if your boyfriend broke up with you how do you become friends?

if your boyfriend and you broke you become friends by talking about what happen or suggest to be friends most people who do brake up end up becoming very good friends