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If you are classified as AIDS, then you are under a strict medical regimen. If you just found out, and you have no symptoms, you probably have HIV You cannot catch AIDS. You can catch HIV. Aids is an extreme level of HIV progression. Some never obtain the viral level to be classified as AIDS, some do. . Talk to a counselor, or family member or friend that is there for you and won't criticize you or shun you...Get to your docotor asap and take the meds as directed AIDS does not have to kill you or shorten your life now they have so many drugs that prolong life I hope that everything will work out for you Good Luck and God Bless. I would like to add you need to speak with your doctor, then see a counselor so they can help you break it to your family. If you are living at home then your parents and siblings need to know. You may have to educate them as to how you got AIDS as many people assume you have to be gay to get it. No one knows where the AIDS virus started from and it doesn't matter at this point, but it does matter there is a cure for it soon. Doctors are getting closer all the time and have good meds out there to help prolong your life so you can have a quality of life. It's also important that you contact ALL people you have had sexual contact with and that includes oral sex, anal sex. These people deserve to know you have AIDS so they can be tested. It's going to take courage doing this because someone or one of your partners may be angry at you and blame you, but if you don't tell them it would be cruel for them to find out at a much later date. They deserve a good survival rate as well. God Bless & Take care of yourself!

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Q: What should you do if you just found out you have AIDS?
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What to say to your son if he dies of aids but you just found out he was gay?

If he died of an AIDS-related illness, you can't say anything to him.

When did Vatican City found HIV AIDS?

The Vatican did not 'found' AIDS.

Where in the world is AIDS found mostly?

aids is mostly found in the continent Africa

Is aids the most common bacteria found on hands?

Aids is not a bacteria. Aids is not found on hands (or that would be extremely rare).

Have they found a cure for AIDS?

They have not found a cure for aids at this time. Lab studies continuously conducted and there is hope for a cure in the future.

How did Pedro Zamora get aids?

Pedro Zamora contracted the Aids virus by being a homosexual and being promiscuous. They never said who he got it from just that his brother followed him one day and they found out he was homosexual. He found he had Aids by going to a school blood drive.

Does Dane Cook have aids?

No, he does not have aids. No stories or issues are found on this.

Is AIDS Contageous after death?

aids can infect you through bloodstream, semen, cuts ext. and from a dead body should not make it any less dangerous and should be just as infecting as in a live person.

What do people with AIDS look like?

People with aids look normal. The only to get aids is to have sex. or.... If you drink from there glass because it is found in your spit. To get AIDS it is found in spit, pee, blood, or any fluids in your body.

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How did Max Robinson get aids?

he found out he had AIDS while hospitalized for pneumonia in an Illinois hospital.

Is aids can be identified through normal blood test?

yo im mister awesome i am not sure what your asking, if you mean can aids be found through a normal blood test then let me just make something clear, aids is a virus that attacks you immune system, once aids takes effect it will be very apperant because you will lose weight and be highly subsetable to infection and disesase, so yes it should be able to be found through a blood test because your white blood cell count should be very low. also HIV the infection that CAUSES the disease known as aids can be found through a blood test, im not sure what you mean by a 'normal blood test', the HIV anti bodies can usally be found 3 months + after your orignal infection of the HIV virus. hope this helps, and remember have safe sex

You just found out you have aids what can you do now?

take the necessary medications and continue to live you life/lives as though you never contracted it.

Can you have aids from someone if you just eat from the same spoon?

no you cant get aids

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Where is AIDS most commmonly found?


Why students should be given information about aids and sars?

students should get information about aids because they can get aware of such thing

If husband contract aids before you where married and he was not aware should you stay?

Well its all about how you feel. That actually happened to my parents, my dad contracted aids but only found out when i was a toddler. They stayed together and I've never seen that its caused any problem. They've never fought about it, he just has to take pills and that's about it.

Can you get aids just by money?

No you can not.

What are concerns of AIDS?

AIDS is a disease where you can get sick and die. You should be careful with your actions.

Does Michel foucault touch kids and have aids?

The question should be did he, he died of AIDS

When did Bill Murray find out he has AIDS?

He doesn't have aids. Just a herion addiciton.

Is there a recovery for AIDS?

No, Aids is incurable, but there are medicines and treatments that would prolong life time if found with this desease

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