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What should you do if you lose your windows ME operating system?

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Use system restore, failing that reinstall M.E.

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Answer = No.If you're upgrading from an older operating system (XP, Vista etc.) then you will be given the option in the Windows 7 installation to transfer your files.

Most operating systems can only be removed by formatting the hard drive, and then installing the operating system that you desire. The drawback to this is that you will lose everything that is on that partition of the hard drive. Example : if you have a computer with Windows Vista but you want to put Windows XP on the computer you have to wipe (format) the hard drive in order to load Windows XP. This means saving all your documents to a CD or another hard drive or another partition. If you want to upgrade to a newer operating system then this can be done without losing your information, but some programs may need to be reloaded. Hope this helps. ----

Hello, To upgrade from Windows 98 to Windows XP first make sure you have the correct system requirements: - at least a Pentium 3 (or equivalent) - at least 512Mb of ram - at least 10GB of HDD Then simply buy Windows XP software and follow the upgrade instructions. Normally you will not lose any application nor any documents (and files) stored on your computer. However not all applications you had installed will work on Windows XP, but most of them will. Importantly you will need to buy a new version of your Antivirus to make it compatible with Windows XP. Before installing Windows XP you can do a system compatibility scan using the free tool downloadable on

No it wont. The point of System Restore is to restore your system to a workable state without you having to reinstall the operating system and lose your data files in the process.

This is because the bench testing has been done to ensure that the product is almost guaranteed to run on that system with the minimum requirements. Any less could result in system failure and possible lose of data.

If you are upgrading to Windows 8 from an older Windows version like Vista or 7 you should not lose any files as Windows has developed the transition to be nice and smooth. If you are clearing off the OS completely and manually installing Windows 8 then it is recommended to have a backup of your files.

It depends on what you are trying to do. If you install anything over Windows 7 that is not a windows based system you may lose some application functionality if the other system does not have an equivalent. The same could be said if installing Ubuntu, since it may have functionality that is not present in Windows 7.

i accidentally changed the recovery drive on my windows computer, i messed the whole system up. everything is opening with windows picture viewer. nothing works. how do i change it back?!> please help me! im begging, You may need to purchase the system recovery DVD from the computer vendor and re-install the operating system from scratch. You will lose all your personal files if you do that, though. Before you take this drastic step, consider attaching the hard drive of your system to another computer whose operating system is working properly and use that system to back up your valuable files. If you don't know how to do this, you may need to take your computer to a shop staffed by competent technicians who can save your files, rebuild the operating system, then restore your files to the hard drive.

The best thing you can do if you lose the installation disk for your camera or any other device is to go to the manufactures website and download the drivers. Usually drivers can be found listed under support or Product Support. Logitech webcam drivers can be found at,en To find the right one you will need the exact model of your web cam. which should be found somewhere on the camera. You may also need the exact type of operating system you are using. If you are using a windows operating system you can find out which one by clicking on the start button, then selecting Control panel. Then click on system if you are in clasic view or Performance and Maintenance if your in category view then system. This should open a window that says which Operating system you have.

If you are upgrading from an older version of Windows as in 7 or 8 you should lose nothing. If you are clearing off your current OS and installing Windows 10 by yourself then you will lose everything as your files are saved in the Windows "Files Explore". It is recommended to make a backup before doing a clear wipe.

windows is important because if there are a lot of windows and you lost window you would lose everything

Yes, you will. .. but not your doors...

To Recover or restore your files that you have accidentally lost, System Restore might help. This is found in START-->PROGRAMS-->ACCESSORIES-->SYSTEM TOOLS--> SYSTEM RESTORE This helps when your computer is malfunctioning and crashing and was normal before. There are several dates and checkpoints that you can restore to which can be several months old. You will not lose your documents and music but programs which were installed (even games) might need reinstallation. If you have a problem with your computer you can also insert the windows boot CD (Windows CD) and install the windows over this one. It will improve performance. Also you can format your Harddisk and install the windows back again by shifting your essential files to another partition. Eg. If you want to delete C: drive, move all your music and everything else in D:

You can't just lose your skeletal system

Most computers have a "recovery" or "software" drive, these are the folders you want to avoid removing when replacing your operating system with a new one, they contain drivers. You will see these in a menu if you choose to make space instead of "updating" from the menu during reinstallation on disc. This applies to Windows.

yes, on windows vista version i lost on the first click but only cause i restarted the same level. but u cant lose on the fist click on windows me windows xp etc.

You "Boot" the System from an Installation Disk (Usually a CD or DVD), and foolow the directions VERY CAREFULLY. You may lose all the data on the current installation Hard Drive if you make the wrong choices.

You can do this from a terminal window, however reformatting the computer will require you to reload the operating system from scratch (and you will lose all your data) before you can use it again.

If Vista has failed you might have to re-install it. You will lose all your info if you did not make backup copies. Try system restore first.

If you are going to format the drive first then there are two possibilities: 1. You have all system and personal files on one drive. In this case you would lose all your files. 2. You have system files and personal files on different drives. In this case you would only lose the files on the drives that you format. As long as you don't format the drive with your personal files on it you won't lose them.

If you format the partition where windows files are located, you will loose all data on the partition.

It shouldn't, as the data is stored on the hard disc drive. However, the motherboard might not work with the operating system installation on the disc drive, and this would require re-installing the operating system, which could result in losing data. Make sure that the data is saved to a CD or DVD before switching motherboards.

Upgrading a computers operating system will not touch the personal data on the computer. It is always advisable to keep a back up of your data in case of disk failure.

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