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I would consult an Immigration attorney. It is illegal for someone to get married for the sole purpose of gaining US citizenship. If you have been married less than two years there is a good chance that the person could be deported if the marriage is dissolved.

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Q: What should you do if you suspect your spouse only married you to get a green card and can you take any legal action?
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If your spouse was legally married in another country when you married and then gets a divorce in the other country should you remarry in the US?

if your spouse was married already when u got married, your marriage is not legal, no matter where you are

How do married guys get some action from other women?

Some women like married men. Although personally I think its horrible to cheat on your spouse.

How do you get over your spouse's relationship history?

If you feel you have to be a detective to get any bad or good views on your spouse then there is something very wrong with your relationship. Since you're either living together or married you should know more than you do. You could be sly and talk about memories with his/her family and see what you can dig up from that. If you suspect criminal charges of any sort have been laid against your spouse then you should be able to find them in the police archives.

What should you do if you suspect your spouse only married you to get a green card?

You should ask him/her straight up. Explain to your spouse the doubts and fears your having. If you have a healthy relationship, he/she should be somewhat understanding. Tell him/her that you don't feel comfortable applying for the greencard at this time, but would like to wait a few years. If he/she becomes extremely angry or agitated by your suggestion, then you will know that he/she has an interest besides just you. I am married to someone who will eventually get a greencard out of our marriage. We have a good relationship, but even I have had a doubt or two. We waited a year before filing any paperwork for my spouse's greencard. When I felt those slight tinges of doubt, my spouse was very understanding and reassured me that he would have married me no matter what citizenship I had

Can you get married if you are still married?

Legally, you can only be married to one spouse. If you have more than one spouse it is bigomy, which is illegal.

Can you file taxes with your spouse even if you are not married?

Spouse = married. Can't have one without the other.

Should you commit yourself to a married man as he says he is committed to you?

no they never leaves there spouse

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You should probably try to get over it. Unless you wish to disrespect your spouse and leave her for another person, and injure your reputation, you should stay with your spouse.

What is a sentence for the word spouse?

When I married my girlfriend she said I am her spouse.

How do you use spouse in a sentence?

I married a woman. She is now my spouse and I am hers.

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Can a spouse be a witness on property affidavit?

A spouse should not be a witness to a document.A spouse should not be a witness to a document.A spouse should not be a witness to a document.A spouse should not be a witness to a document.

Can a separated person be required to pay debt of the spouse?

If the separated spouse is still legally married to the debtor spouse and/or co-signed the original obligation while married, yes.

Are you legally married if at the time of your marriage your spouse was already married?

No. In Western countries you can only be legally married to one person at a time. If the person you "married" was already married to someone else your marriage is invalid. Your intended spouse must obtain a divorce from his/her spouse before they can marry you.

Can you get in trouble if your 16 year old spouse is pregnant?

Spouse indicates that you're married. No, it is not illegal for your spouse to get pregnant.

If you are separated are still considered a spouse?

You are the "spouse" until you are no longer legally married.

How do you stop a spouse from getting credit?

That is the decision of a lender not the spouse who wishes to prevent the action.

How do polygamist claimed to be married if it is not legal?

Many polygamists are legally married to their first spouse, and only religiously or 'spiritually' married to the other spouse, without a legal marriage liscence.

How does a international married to a US citizen get a green card?

An international who is married to a US citizen can get his/her green card in the following manner. The US citizen should file in Form I -130 to sponsor the spouse. The Spouse should then file in form I-485 to adjust the status to that of a lawful permanent resident.

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If your fiance's ex-spouse gets married does he still need an annulment to get married in the church?

No, as long as he & his x-spouse are divorced. Then it is fine.

What if you are married to a person and the other spouse was never legally divorced?

if your spouse did not legally divorce his former wife,you are not married,he is a bigamist and your "union" is not legal

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