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See a physician. This can be many different things, and without having a workup in an office, it's impossible to know what the cause is. Hope this helps! Dr. B.

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โˆ™ 2005-12-07 05:33:34
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Q: What should you do if your arm is painful and now aches?
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You had a bad bruise on your arm now there are painful knots in it should you be concerned?

Yes, that could be a problem. Get examined by a doctor.

How do you remove the wiper arm on a 1993 Jeep Cherokee?

look at the half circle clip on the side of wiper arm. lift the wiper arm and pull the clip out as far as it goes the wiper arm should rest on the clip and now be "locked" up in the air . now you should be able to remove the wiper arm

What should you do if you ran in to a door and now you cant lift your arm?

go to the hospital...NOW!

Is there a virus that causes back pain and then moves down into the legs?

actually im having the opisite right now but its travelled up to my neck its in pain any way it is i have been sick, dizzy, i have had many bad headaches ear aches throte aches and eye aches! i think its just the flu dont worry to much it should get better!

I broke my arm last year did not know it should you have surgery now or not?

i don't think so because my friend broke her arm and all she did was go to the hospital and put a cast on it and now shes better

Went skating and fell on your arm now it has a bruise on it?

went skating and fell on my arm now it has a bruise on it

Hey guys what do you do if your arm is turning like purple but its not really getting any bigger you cant feel your arm for the last week and a half?

You should goto the doctor, now!

If you hit your head near your temple and now its swollen and painful what should you be concerned about?

Put some ice on it or go to the doctor imediately.

Should i be concerned about a lump on my shoulder and numbness on my arm?

yes. seriously, go get that checked out. make an appointment now.

High blood pressure and tintling sensation in left arm?

If this is real, you should consult a medical professional now.

How do you remove the wiper arms on a 1992 Chevy S10 Blazer?

Lift wiper arm so that it is at about a 90 degree to the windshield. It should stay there. Now look near the base. There should be a little lever. You should be able to fit a screwdriver between it and the wiper arm. Pry the lever sideways and once it opens up a little you should be able to lift the wiper arm right off.

Does Baby oil help ear aches?

Yes it does .I have a ear ache and I'm using it now

How do you make a rigid arm pendulum?

First you take a lond string and attach it to your arm then you get bouncy ball and add it to you Arm, now you have an Rigid Arm Pendulum.

Your husband got stung by a bullhead fish on his finger now his whole arm is sores should you worry about this?

Yes ad u should take him to the emergency room

You were prescribed the lidocaine patch for RSD under your right arm and it is very painful to remove Is there an easier way to remove it than just pulling it?

u can apply water over it,now it will be sooth to remove will be less painfull

Why is my arm black and why can't I fill it?

the circulation has been cut off. so you should go to a doctor. like right now.

What arm tattoos does Aaron Hernandez from the Patriots have?

the back of his arm has a tattoo saying "Hate me now"

How can you twll the difference between sciatica and bone cancer?

I've had sciatica pain in my left leg over a year now. It got better when I was seeing my chiropractor 3 times a week, but now that I'm only seeing him once a week, it's gotten bad again. It is very painful and difficult to walk sometimes. It is interrupting my sleep because now it's even painful to sleep on my left side. I also have pain in my left arm. How do you tell the difference between sciatica and bone cancer?

How do you remove a lower control arm on a Subaru Impreza 05?

It's pretty involved. Start by removing your wheel, remove the ball joint castle nut on the bottom of your axle assembly where the control-arm meets. Next you'll need to drop your subframe- Begin unbolting that to access one of the damper mounts of the arm. Now, you should have access to both damper mounts for the control arm, and should be free to remove.

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he is dead

If you have a first ed armory arm should you sell it now or wait a while for the price to go up?

Wait for price to go up!

How do you replace the lower control arm on a 2000 Lincoln LS?

first you need to support the vehicle from the frame to release the pressure off of the strut. now the strut should be fully extended loosen the bolt holding the strut to the control arm.(use something to support the weight of the knuckle so it doesn't drop. now take off the nut holding the lower balljoint in place. now take the 2 bolts out of the other end of the control arm. now reverse steps to install new one.

What would the symptoms be if a nerve was hit while taking a blood sample from the arm?

You would feel tingling and possible on and off tingling in your arm. You might feel a weird twinge now and then as well. This should heal itself eventually.

Is it normal that I feel weird now when I smoke I get stomach aches and i my chest hurts?

I took a first puff, it tasted nasty. I don't see how smokers can take it, but on-topic: no. It should be normal, because smoking itself is a poison.

What do you do if you have lumps on your head and neck some of which are painful and are now increasing?

Doctor. Immediately.

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