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If he lied to you about this. Then he might be hiding something in there. So his take is different everytime he does.

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Forgive him and warn him. He should focus on you

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Should you break up with your boyfriend is he occasionally lies to you?

yes because he lied to you and he didnt tell u the right thing he lied if my boyfriend lied to me i would spat him

What should you do if your boyfriend lied to you?

you should talk to your boyfriend face to face and ask him why he lied. then you should ask him if he wants to still be together. Remember part of a relashonship is getting through problems together!

What if your boyfriend doesnt believe what you say because you lied to him ounce what should I do?

What if your boyfriend doesn't believe what you say because you lied to him once? what should I do? Was your boyfriend trusting and good before you lied? Was the thing you lied about big enough to warrant his mistrust? If you lied to him about something big, or if you have a habit of lying to him about things, then you need to earn back his trust. If you broke his trust then it is yours to fix. If, however, you lied to him about whether or not you ate the last piece of pie and he says he cannot trust you, then you may need to reevaluate whether or not you are with a quality person.

Should you be upset if your boyfriend lied to you about his education?

It depends on your circumstance! Lying is lying and no matter how you look at it's wrong! He probably lied to impress you, keep that in mind, in the end he's still your boyfriend!

How do you tell your boyfriend you lied about your education?

Sit down with him & tell him that you've lied about something; then tell him you lied about your schooling.

What if your boyfriend lied to you many times?

If he's lying to you at all, you should leave him, there's plenty of guys out there for you.

What should I do I lied to my boyfriend about my past of being abused and relationships that never took place?

You should come clean, and also tell him why you lied...relationships that are based on lies never survives.. Good luck

How do you tell online boyfriend you lied?

Be straightforward. Tell him you lied & then explain why you felt the need to do it.

How would you accept that your boyfriend has lied to you?

if your bf lied to you then you should see if he's really great enough to be trusted in again and if he already said sorry then think to the beat of your heart.

Should you forgive your boyfriend of two years who lied to you a couple times?

You have to find this answer yourself. No one here has the information or experience that you do.

If your mum had a horrible boyfriend and she lied to you what do you do?

Stop whining about her boyfriend, be mature, & explain how you feel about the situation. Have a serious talk. Don't shout & don't tell her how to feel about her boyfriend. Communicate & express how you feel. Tell her it hurt you when she lied to you.

What do you do if you're boyfriend has lied to you?

it depends on what type of lie he told you

Dreams about boyfriend lying?

He probably hasn't lied to you, but since your dreaming about it it is probably a fear to have your boyfriend lying to you.

How do you tell your boyfriend that you lied about having your license?

Tell him the truth. If he loves you, he will forgive you. If he doesnt forgive you, he is a bad bf and you should break up.

How did you make it up to your boyfriend if you said you where going to something but you didn't?

well, if you didn't do something with your boyfriend that you should have done, he probably has lost your trust and think you lied. Try explaining what you did and why. If he doesn't understand, then he's not a true boyfriend and it was never meant to be.

What if my boyfriend wants a baby and I don't?

Too late... He lied about the condom...

What do you do when your boyfriend lies to you and still deny's it even after you know the truth?

It depends what he lied to you about. You should think about it and figure out if what he lied to you about is a big deal to you or not. If it is not a big deal to you then drop it and don't bring it up again. If it is a big deal to you then you should let him know how his lie has made you feel (or the fact that you are sure he has lied), and see if you opens up about it. If not then Lose him you can do better. Life is to short

Ex-boyfriend lied to a judge and the judge gave him temporary custody?

I assume that the "ex-boyfriend" is also the father of the child. If you believe that he lied to gain custody, you can file a motion/petition for a custody re-hearing and be prepared to demonstrate that he lied, and that you are a 'fit' mother to have custody of the child.

My daughter's boyfriend lied about his age and having a license.He drove my car that she uses. The boyfriend got pulled over for speeding and my car was impounded.Can I file for theft?

Yes, you can. Since he lied about his age. Not to mention that he used your car, also the car your daughter uses, without permission. Yeah- you SHOULD file for theft.

Why doesn't your boyfriend trust you?

He may think that you are cheeting on him. You may have lied in the past

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