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What should you do if your computer has a computer virus?


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If your computer is still working and you have Anti-Virus software installed - update and run the software. If you do not have anti-virus software you should download a free antivirus program (AVG, Avast, and Avira are good choices). If your computer is compromised and you cannot download/install this software - you may need to download/install the software onto a flash drive on a different computer and then put the flash drive in your computer to scan.

If this does not fix the problem you may actually have Malware or Spyware. You will need run or install software to scan your computer - there are many free options and you should try several (Malwarebytes Aniti-malware, Spybot - Search and Destroy, and SuperAntiSpyware are good options). After installing/running these you should take care of almost anything.

If your web browser is redirecting and you cannot search for software - you may need to use another computer to find the software - or use a less common search engine to find them. There are links below as well that you can use to download them.

If after running the anti-virus and anti-malware/spyware programs your computer is still not working properly you may need to have it looked at by a professional computer repair technician.

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You should get rid of the virus and see if it destroyed the computer.

You can get a USB anti-virus program using another computer then you can plug it into your computer with the virus and then perform a scan and it should be completed by removing or to quarantine the virus and your computer should not have the virus anymore.

You should install a good anti-virus in your computer.

If you have a computer virus you should get an anti-virus. If your not sure which anti-virus to get as on a forum. If it gets too bad ring your local computer expert.

Yes, most of the computer virus have security threat to the infected computer. If your computer has been infected with virus, you should remove it quickly.

When you download a malicious file or when your network is infected with a virus. You should get an anti-virus program if you are afraid of viruses entering your computer.

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Unless you wrote the virus yourself, there are no advantages. Viruses are designed to benefit the people who wrote them, or to cause damage to your computer. If your computer has a virus, you should get rid of it as soon as possible.

you should run a quick virus scan on your computer every day or every other day .you should set you computer up to fun a full scan

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If you suspect there is a virus on your computer, you should immediately scan your computer with an installed antivirus. When your antivirus finds a virus, either have it quarantined or removed. By quarantining a virus, you have the ability to send the file to the antivirus company for analysis, so that way they can protect other clients from the virus.

Call someone to help you fix it!

Logging int your email should not cause your computer to get a virus. When you do log into your email always watch on the links that you open some can have virus.

Every computer could have a virus but if you use your computer carefully it can be impossible for the virus to come to your computer.

After you've installed virus scan software you should restart your computer. Then you should perform a full system scan before opening any programs on your computer.

A computer virus causes harm to the computer while a a human virus causes harm to a human beings. A computer virus in curable a human virus is incurable.

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To prevent a computer virus, you first have to get an Anti-Virus program on your computer. And it will scan all of the threats on the computer.

a virus in a computer which is slowly breaking you computer and is hard to get rid of

You should run a computer virus and spyware scan.

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Scanning virus only help to find the virus inside your computer disks, but do no other actions, virus is still in your computer. But Removing virus not only find it, but also remove the virus from your computer. Thus no such virus will remain in your computer after that.

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