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It depends on why you split-up. If he was cheating on you, abusive, don't buy into what he is saying and move on. If you just argued too much or disagreed on something and you still love him take it slow and easy and see if the relationship goes somewhere. If you don't love him then stand behind your independence and tell him the relationship is over and to leave you alone. Good luck

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Why ex is so affectionate?

It is because he/she still has feelings for you

Is affectionate an adjective?

Yes, affectionate is an adjective because it can be used to describe a noun. Ex: Zuzu is an affectionate person. Ex: The dog is affectionate.

What does it mean when you dream about your ex boyfriend?

Well it usually means that you still like him, you should think about your feelings toward this person. it means that you have something to settle with him still, or that you had feeling for him and don't want to let go.

Should you ignore your ex?

No, you shouldn't ignore your ex you can still be friends with him / her and talk to them

What should you do if you are still in love with your ex-boyfriend?

you should move on

What should a girl do if she has a boyfriend but she still likes her ex?

* * *

What should you do when your ex is back together with his ex and says he still loves you but can't leave her?

You shoot the other ex with a MP5K

How will you know that your ex girlfriend still loves you?

You don't, but if she is then that is her problem. It is your ex-girlfriend, you should have moved on.

Should you give your ex boyfriend a present on his birthday?

Only if you want to show your ex that you still care, otherwise it depends if you are still friends.

Is my ex boyfriend still in love with me?

maybe you should ask him

How can you get your ex boyfriend again?

you should show him that you still love him

How can you go out with your ex boyfriend?

you should tell him you still have feelings for him

You still love your ex what do you do?

You should tell your ex and go from there because who knows they might love you back!

Should the boyfriend still refer to his ex as his wife?

Wife? No. Ex-wife would be more correct.

Should you tell your ex you still like him?

if you feel like you have done a mistake. And if you have a chance of getting your ex back . Than only..

Should yu tell your ex your still have feelings for them even if your in another relationship?

If you have feelings for your ex, but are in a relationship, i suggest you break up with your current girlfriend/boyfriend, and see if your ex still has feelings....

What to do with an ex that still likes you?

You should either ignore them. Or be there friend. I had an ex who was in love with me and all I did was ignore him and he got over me

What do you do when your girlfriend is still in love with her ex?

You should move on. If there is any dout about her feelings with her ex, then their will douts with you for sure. Until she gets over him, you should get over her.

What should i do if my boyfriend's ex still love him?

you sould kick the guts out of her

What should i do my ex still loves me?

Ignore him/her, and pretend you don't know him/her.

You like this girl but shes still in love with her ex What should you do?

just let her go. obviously if she is in love with her ex she is not the girl for you.

What should you do if your ex still loves you and wants out of the relationship he is in?

well you should tell your exs girlfriend and ask her how she feels about him still liking u

You still love your ex but when you were going out he treated you so bad what should you do?

date me

What should you do if you still like your ex-girlfriend?

Go to Discussion Area

Should your best friend get back with her ex?

Maybe. It depends if she is still in love with him.

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