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I'm in the same boat..if he's being phsically abusive get help. My boyfriend says he cares for me and I believe him because at the moment he is struggling and wont accept my help. If you really despise your boyfriend give up on him and get on with your life because if he can't repsect you then he can't have you. YOU REALLY CAN DO BETTER!! *J.* (

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โˆ™ 2006-03-23 13:35:18
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Q: What should you do if your ex makes up excuses to call at all hours of the night and verbally abuses you one minute then the next call he is in love and wants to work it out and he will not give up?
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What should you do if your father verbally abuses you?

If your father verbally abuses you, you need to get help. Verbal abuse is one of the hardest abuses to prove because their is no bruise or mark. So if someone was abusing me I would find a voice recorder and record some of it and go to the nearest police station or hospital, and they will take care of it.

If someone verbally abuses you and threatens you with a shock in store should I report this to the police?

If it is a total stranger in the store that has verbally abused you along with a threat go to the store manager and they will deal with it. If the person giving the abuse and threat is out of control then the store manager will call the police.

You just found out that your son in law has hurt animals and verbally abuses his family Should you be afraid for your daughter?

YES! help her out of the relationship .You'll regret it if you dont and he ever hurt her.

Can a teacher verbally abuse a student and get away with it?

No. You should document it, tape record it and get witnesses to all these abuses then speak to a harassment officer, and/or the director, the associate dean of students and or and Ombudsman. Move up until this behavior is addressed. Good luck.

Why you should stop making excuses?

then your life will not be hiding behind excuses and everybody will know who you really are in life

You made mistakes in your relationship that made your spouse hate you Why does he enjoy verbally abusing you?

if he verbally abuses you then he isn't the right one for you anyways and everybody makes mistakes, he is probably verbally abusing you because he is mad that your relationship isn't or didnt work out and wants to get back at you for making mistakes even though every body does ( i am in a similar position) When your spouse verbally abuses you, is probably because he is insecure with himself. Everyone makes mistakes, so don't worry about the mistakes you made. That is all in the past !!! He he really, truly loves you, he would forgive you for the mistakes you made. I suggest that you two should take some time off and just see what happens. Remember, time heals everything. Besides, you should not be with someone that treats you like the dirt on his shoe !! You deserve better !! Move on !!! Hope this helps. Good luck !!!

Melvin Brown is a liar who verbally abuse ladies?

Melvin is a liar who verbally abuse ladies?"What should one do?

What should cabin crew do if passanger abuses her?

Have the abuser arrested.

According to the Declaration of independence what should the people do when the governmetn abuses its power?

The people have the right to over throw the government if it abuses its power. ~ yeah i know the answer (;

What should you do if your friend always makes excuses for not hanging out?

If the excuses seem legit then try and plan things ahead of time before your friend makes other plans. If the excuses are way too "out there" then find a new friend.

What should you do if your husband abuses you over every single matter?

Have him arrested and get out!

How do you communicate verbally and non verbally with the different South African cultures if you only speak English?

Most South Africans speak English. You should be fine.

How do you deal with a verbally abusive boyfriend without breaking up with him?

You deal with it by breaking up with him . If he is verbally abusive, you should break up with him now. Not later. Now.

What do people do if government abuses power?

They should impeach the government. Also they should Create a new one.

Who did progressives believe should protect public against the abuses of big business?


What should the people do when the government abuses its power?

over throw it like it says in the constitution

What should you do if your daddy always make excuses?

Excuses for what? For why he always has the remote control instead of you or mom? Or why it's been a year and a half and he still can't find work? It makes a difference.

According to the declaration of independence what should people do when the government abuses its power?

Rebel and destroy the gorvernment.

If your father is still verbally abusive to you at age 26 should you let your child spend the weekend with him?


What excuses do students use for not doing their homework?

You can give many excuses. Some classic ones are "my dog teared my notes" or "some distant relative is ill and I was gone to see him". But you have to understand that homeworks are for your own good and you should do it sincerely.

Is it illegal to verbally abuse a man?

No, it is not illegal to verbally abuse a man, but if the man was smart he would leave. Verbal abuse can leave just as many scars for a victim as physical abuse. There are programs for abused men that they should attend and learn tools in order to get out of the verbally abusive situation. Example: If a wife is verbally abusing her husband and he decides to divorce her and he can prove she is verbally abusing him then the court could press charges against her (highly unlikely) but you would be granted a divorce.

Who should be notified if a child is being verbally abused?

In the United Stated Child Aid should be contacted. In Canada it is Child Welfare.

Should you break up with your bf?

Only if there's a reason to break up, for example if he abuses you or cheats on you.

If a man abuses you physically once what should you do?

You need to be careful, get out of that relationship before it escalates into more violence.

Should a verbally abusive parent be forced into therapy if that's what's best for the family as a whole?

Yes he/she should be forced into anything that is best for them.