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Well it depends really. If you really like your friend and you want to take your relationship to the next level then you should go out with them. But there is a problem like if you don't want the friendship to change just tell them you know. If you need more help just ask another question.

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Q: What should you do if your friend wants to go out with you?
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Recardo wants to be mi friend What should l Do?

Be his friend.

Your boy friend wants you?

go for it

What should you do if your best friend only wants to be friends with you?

Make Them Like You More. Go Into Stuff That He Likes.

What does it mean when a guy friend says tht you should go out with another one of your guy friends?

Well, it depends. I mean is the "other" guyfriend that person's friend? It could mean that he wants you to get closer to his friend OR that he likes you and he wants you to go out with his friend so he could get closer to you, but ya know, all guys are different.

What if your friend wants you to hook him up with your other friend but you are nerves should you?

(its nervous not nerves) If you like the boy then go for it...Your friend wouldn't just set you up with anyone right!?

What should I do if I am dating this guy but my friend doesn't want me to go out with him?

Tell your friend to stop being jealous and to go find her own boyfriend. She obviously wants him. (Or your stupid and the guy sucks)!

If your friend wants you to ask a guy if he likes her should you ask him?

If she really wants to know she should ask him herself.

Should you go to prom with a girl knowing she wants to go with your best friend?

no, if you want to take the chance of getting hurt go ahead. chances are she will end up getting with your friend during the prom. its a bad idea.

When a guy say his friend wants to go out with you?

If he is good looking....... GO FOR IT

What do you do you say when a group of guys come up to you and ask if you want to go out wih their friend?

Tell them if he really wants to go out with you then he should ask not his friends

Your best friend has a new friend that you hate and she doesnt care and she says that she wants to be friends with every1 so what should you do?

Get over it or go your own way.

When a guy says he likes you as a friend what does he really mean?

He wants to go out with you! Or he likes you as a friend!!!

What should I do I'm going to a dance with a friend that likes you and he wants us to go to have dinner with his friend which has a girlfriend and are making out all the time?

tell him that you cant make it or if you like him go but if i was in your spot i would make up an exuse but its up to you on how you feel and if you want to go no doudt he wants to kiss you but just think it over

What do you do when your best friend wants to ask out your ex?

if he was your ex you should be over him. If your not over him you should tell your friend or try to get him back.

How do you get a boy in your grade that you like to go out with you?

you can ask your friend to ask him if he wants to go out with you

What if your husband has a good friend and wants to go out as a couple with him and his wife but you really don't like the wife much?

Then he should take his girlfriend.

You want to go out with your friend but she's not allowed to date what should you do?

If it was me, I would respect her/her parents wishes and wait until she wants to/can date you.

What should good girl do if her best guy friend say flirt and she has a boyfriend?

she should go with her gut and do what she wants to, and if that means to break up with her boyfriend than I think she should but that's my opinion. Just go with your gut.

How should you ask your friend if she wants to see your penis?

You shouldn't

Is it ok to finger your best friend?

if she/he wants you to go nuts

Should you be jealous if your gf goes out with her best friend that wants to go out with her should you trust them even though your girlfriend tells you when they r going out like to the movies?


What should you do if your friend says a guy you like wants to ask you out?

Just go up to the boy who likes you and said i heard you want to talk to me.

What should you do if a girl you like says she wants to be friends and shes wants to talk to you?

See what she wants but don't get your hopes up. Be a friend and help her.

If you want to go to the movies with a friend that you like and you're going to tell her you like her there how should you ask her if she wants to go?

theres never a perfect time to ask someone out, its better to just ask her talk to her for a little bit first and then just ask if she wants to go out

Your friend has a boyfriend and never wants to hang out with you what should you do?

Get your own boyfriend...