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Find out how he can get/apply for legal papers and obtain them as soon as possible.

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Q: What should you do if your husband is working on illegal papers?
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What agency issues working papers?

You should check with your school district about where to obtain working papers. The agencies will vary from city to city and state to state. Many high school distribute working papers, and in large districts the forms may be available online.

What age should you get a job?

18 legally or 15,16,17, with working papers.

How does a 15 year old get working papers in Pennsylvania?

Students who need working papers should first stop into their school's office to see if they have the application forms available. If not, the working papers can also often been found on the school district website. The papers must be completed by the employer, then returned to the school district.

Can an illegal alien get deported if he gets served with child support papers?

Perhaps, but the mother should also be charged for harboring an illegal alien.

Opinions on whether illegal immigrants should be allowed to get driving licenses?

no unless they fix their papers

If you are required to have work papers when should you get them?

After you are offered a job but before you start working.

Can a Muslim husband his mother in law?

his father should not allow it, but it isnt illegal.

How does a 14 yr old get working papers in pa?

Ask at your school, they should have the form

What should you do if your husband wont sign the divorce papers?

Attend all of your court dates. Whether your soon to be ex-husband signs the papers, or not, the Judge will grant you a divorce. It may take a few months longer, but his unwillingness to sign the papers will not prevent a divorce. Hang in there! Freedom will be yours, as long as you are determined and diligent. Good luck!

Is it illegal to drink alcohol behind the bar while working?

yes or at least it should be

Should a husband sleep with his daughter instead of his wife?

A husband sleeping with his daughter is considered child abuse if the daughter is a minor and is always incest, and illegal act.

Is institutional discrimination illegal?

Yes, institutional discrimination is illegal. You should never discriminate against anyone, especially if you are working in a public institution.

Can you still help your illegal husband get his citizenship if he's being charged with his second DUI?

HOW BOUT THIS? He SHOULD NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are silencers illegal in texas?

Silencers can only be obtained with an ATF class III license, your local dealer should have the papers for this and there is a $200 fee to apply.

Is my husband intiled to my sole proprietor business?

No, your husband is not entitled in any way to this business. You should set who you would want to take over if something happens to you in place. You can do this by filing papers yourself or contacting an attorney.

If illegal immigrant is summons with child support papers and there is no income do you returned papers to the court?

The immigrant should still appear in court. If he does not, the court may cite him for contempt and/or enter a default judgment that he likely won't be able to afford.

How do you renew your military id since your husband passed away?

Contact the nearest military establishment. Have your old ID and your papers with you and they should be able to help you out.

Does this sentence contain a passive verb the papers should be photocopied?

the papers should be photocopied

Your mother lives in Ontario Canada with her husband She is dying and wishes to leave personal possessions to the kids but is worried her husband will have rights to these items is this correct?

not necessarily it depends on Will's, contracts, debts and legal papers if it's in a will to leave processions to kids then it should happen depending on whether or not they were gifts and if the husband testifies the will you should contact a solicitor or lawer

Should a wife leave her husband if he was caught using illegal drugs and lied about using them?

no she should not leave her husband over drugs and him lieing him but maybe they should separate for a little while and figure out things. but to be really honest she should do what's best for the relationship. and get him in a rehab center only if he wont's to.

Is it illegal to sell a car in Arizona without hazard lights?

In the state of Arizona cars should be sold with working hazard lights, but there is not a law stating that if the car is sold without them that it is illegal.

How do you fill out dissolution of marriage papers?

You should seek assistance from the clerk at the court that issued the papers.You should seek assistance from the clerk at the court that issued the papers.You should seek assistance from the clerk at the court that issued the papers.You should seek assistance from the clerk at the court that issued the papers.

Is it illegal in England for a woman to marry her brother-in-law if her husband had died?

I really don't know but no one should marry their brother it is gross!

Your girlfriendhad some very personal emails you had sent to each other stolen by her estranged husband after he got her password using a keylogger on his computer was this illegal in the UK?

No, it is illegal. To use a keylogger should be with the user's knowledge.

How long do you have to serve your husband divorce papers?

depends......Is he alive?lol JK. I think it's 90 days from filing but you should check your state laws on this to be sure.

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