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Depends how old you are, and why they hate him. If you are legal age, it doesnt matter what they think. You can either make them get along by taking him to your house and watching a movie or talk to your parents and ask them why they hate him. Dont give them any choice wheather to like him or not bring him over all the time.Maybe they will learn to like him.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-24 13:50:48
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Q: What should you do if your parents hate your boyfriend?
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What if your parents hate your boyfriend?

If your parents really hate him then you should all sit down and talk about it.

What if you hate your parents?

you should never hate your parents

What are the things that you hate your parents to do?

I hate it when they tell me I can't have a boyfriend and they treat me like a child.

Should I confront my boyfriend he hasn't told his parents that we've moved in together?

Yes. Unless you hate your bf.

Your parents hate your boyfriend but hes not a bad guy what do you do?

momma knows best!

Why do my parents hate me?

I don't know you or your parents but I am certain that they do not hate you. You should talk to your parents and let them know how you feel. Hopefully the misunderstanding between you can be rectified.

How do i tell my parents im pregnant at almost 18 parents hate boyfriend and i want my baby please help?

You're screwed.

Should you introduce your parents to your boyfriend read discussion?

you should only introduce your boyfriend to your parents if its a serios relationship if not then dont even bother. If you want instead you colud just tell them you have a boyfriend

What if you hate your boyfriend?

If you hate your boyfriend brake up with him. that is the best answer u can get

What should you do if your boyfriend and your best friend hate each other?

tell your best friend that she should to get used to it.

What should you do if your parents hate you?

TRy to love them anyway

Should you have a boyfriend at 11?

You probably should talk to your parents about the situation, I think 11 is a little young to have a boyfriend.

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you should get your first boyfriend when you and your parents are ready

Do children actually hate their parents when they say they do?

Most often they don't hate their parents. They hate them when something does not go their way ! They hate them when they have to be in earlier than what they hoped for ! They hate them when they are woken up for school or work ! Do you understand what I am saying ? It is not the parents they hate, it is what they are being asked to do that they hate. Most kids love their parents. No! there just so mad at there parents that they just can't dill with them so they just say I hate which is not a word you should say even to your parents because it hurts them so much you make they make it seem like they really hate there parents.

How do you get your parents to not hate you?

It is unlikely that your parents hate you (though all things are possible). All you can do in life is be yourself and live they way you think you should.

I hate the fact that my boyfriend's best friend is also his ex What should I do?

Get over it.

What should you do when your boyfriend gets mad bc your parents do not let you spend the night with him?

If he cares about you he will understand. Do you want a uncaring boyfriend? Your parents do care about you.

What do you do when you hate your parents boyfriend?

Don't do anythign because you will have or had boyfriends/ or girlfriends that they won't like and you pray that they would not do anything.

You hate it when your boyfriend spends more time with everyone else but you?

yes you should hate it because he should be spending time with you instead so you should tell him to spend more time

Should you move whit your parents or boyfriend?

to las Vegas

What should you do if you have a boyfriend and he is not willing to discontinue the relationship?

Involve your parents.

How would you handle the situation if your boyfriend gets you in trouble with your parents?

You should dump him or tell on his parents.

How do you convince your parents that you should move?

Tell them that you hate living in that house???!!!

What should you do if you are seventeen hate all your friends have no life and no boyfriend and read books to escape being you because you hate your life?

Read the Bible.

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He doesn't hate Tulisa's boyfriend, he's only joking around.