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Find High ground that is out of the splash zone or get in a boat and ride it out

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Q: What should you do in case of tunamis warning?
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What should one do in case of an tsunami warning?

Get to high sturdy ground.

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They are both waves and carry water

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no matter where you live, a city always issue a warning siren, you should familiarize the sirens used for emergencies. they should give you a warning, and in this case, move to a higher ground. theres no time to drive yourself off the area, keep a presence of mind, and be optimistic.

What should you do if there is a tornado warning?

Get to shelter.

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Always have a bag ready with all the necessities in it in case your area has been told to evacuate. If you have had no warning and a tsunami occurs out of no where you should try and get to the highest point that you can.

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