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Honey, just be your self. and, get involved in some activities that he's in..

get his attention. BUT MOSTLY.... JUST BE YOUR SELF!

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What should you do to get a boy to like you?

A boy should like you for you and you shouldn't have to do anything out of the ordinary or drastic to get him to like you. If he doesn't like you the way you are he is not worth it.

What should you look like to get a boy to like you?

You shouldn't have to look like anything. If a boy truly likes you than he should like you from your personality. Just be youself! :) That is what I did and I got the boy that I liked to like me back!!

Should you ignore the boy you like?


What should you do if the boy you like has a girlfriend?

You should do nothing. He is not good for you.

You like a boy and he likes you should you kiss him?

yes you should

What should you do if you like a boy but they don't like you back?

you should let it be known to that person that you care or like them

If a girl like a boy and the boy doesn't like the girl what should girl do?

Get over it and find someone else

This boy you like knows you like him what should you do?

ask him out if your feeling brave

What should you do if a boy that you like doesn't like you back?

Let it go.......

A boy who really like and he really moving in to me what to i have to do?

Your question is not very clear, please rephrase it. Is the boy moving in with you and your really like him and how should you pursue him? or How do you get a boy you really like to move in with you?

Should a go out with a boy?

well yes if you like him

Should you go out with this boy who is really like you?

no ignore him

What should you do if a boy asked you to be his girlfriend?

If you like him then go for it!

When should you ask a boy that you like to go out?

On his birthday.

What should a boy do if he looses like a knee?

Find it?

What you like a boy and doesn't know it should I keep it from him or not?


What do Asian girls like in a boy?

Asian girls like a boy to be sincere and loyal. He should be loving and caring and gives respect, and he should dress up properly.

What should you do if you want a boy to like you?

if you want a boy to like you i suggest you sould just be yourself. make him laugh a little.

What should you say you like about a boy?

Whatever you really do like about him!You can't get a list from some anonymous person on the internet because we don't know the boy or you at all, so we can't tell you what you should like or not like about him.

If a boy like you and you do not like him and he ask you out what should you tell him?

well, truly I do not like you ,sorry

If you like a boy should tell him?

yes i think u should say

You like this guy should you tell him that you like him?

It depends on the boy. If you think that the boy may like you back try talking to him. He may like you, but be to scared to tell you.

What should you do to show a boy you like them?

you should ask a friend to tell the guy that you like him or you should go up to him and tell that you like him.(because i did that with my crush)

You like this boy and he kinda likes you back what should you do?

maybe that boy is a little bit shy. you should take the first step.

Should you like a boy that has a girlfriend and he cheated on me with but i still really like him?

no. get over him.

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