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What should you do when you TV screen goes blank?

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Read a book!

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Q: What should you do when you TV screen goes blank?
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How can you see weather on a blank screen during the news weather forecast?

Unless it is a reflection of another TV, you can't. Maybe the screen isn't blank?

How do you get a blank white screen on westinghouse tv?

If your Westinghouse TV has a blank white screen, it is caused by an interruption of the electrical signal. You will need to unplug everything and plug it back in to make sure everything is connected.

Fill in the blank for the name of the TV show Drew Carey's Screen?


Who should you contact to replace a screen assembly on a big screen TV?

A local TV repair service facility should be able to take care of this for you.

What is wrong with a television if it goes to white screen after about 20 seconds returns to normal when CH Up or Down is pressed but goes to a blank screen again?

If you lose the picture after 20 seconds but still see the raster, there's probably a problem in the tuning circuit. And nothing you can fix. You've got a lemon. Hopefully, it's still under warranty.

What is an incipient fault?

It's a fault that's not always present - otherwise known as an 'intermittent fault' for example, a TV screen may work fine when first switched on, but as it 'warms up', it goes blank - indicating a 'dry-joint'

What product should I use to clean my flat screen tv ?

You should clean the front of the TV with a soft, damp cloth. The use of a mild soap for heavy cleaning is acceptable. I love the look of my flat screen TV. You should use a soft cloth to clean the dust from the screen.

Dynex 42 inch flat screen tv repair manual?


When the screen of a laptop does not come on but the laptop is on what should i do?

Try plugging in a vga plug in the laptop into a tv or a screen.

Why should I buy a flat screen TV stand?

A flat screen TV stand assures you that your TV will not fall over, and some even swivel for easy movement to different positions.

On what should you watch monster movies?

I prefer a television or a movie screen.

How do you find out the screen resolution to my 40 1nch flat screen tv?

Look on the back of your TV for the model number and then do an online search, you should be able to find the specifications from the company that made the TV.

Should you install a flat screen tv over the fireplace?

no because the heat will affect the electronics in the tv

Will a 1080p signal work on a 1080i tv will it downconvert?

1080p signal may not work on a 1080i TV set. You may not get a picture, but just a blank screen. And that blank screen will not let you undo the changes because you cannot see anything on the screen. In this case, you may have to make an analog connection, such as a composite video connection, to your TV set just to undo the changes you have made. Or you have to press a combination of buttons on the 1080p signal source to restore the picture. I suggest you read the documentation that came with your 1080p signal source.

Should I get a plasma screen or and LCD TV?

I would get the plasma screen TV. They have a much better picture and they are much better to watch movies on than a LCD TV. They also cost less than the LCD TVs.

What do they call a flat screen TV?

They call a flat screen television a "big screen tv". That is the slang term. The scientific term for it is LCD flat-screen television. YOUR WELCOME!

What are TVs made of?

Well, they outside of most TVs are plastic, they are also made out of screens, like for example your computer screen. The show goes on the TV is from a satellite, from a place from who knows where has a video tape put into another TV (big one at that) then the satellite and then it appears on the clear screen.

What do I do if my tv 65 big screen has shades of blue in the screen?

how do i get the blue blurr off of my tv screen of ny pansonic big tv screen

Are the newer flat screen TV's required to use digital television antennas?

You do not need to use a newer flat screen television to use a digital television antenna. They should work with older tv sets if you have a converter box.

What is the screen of a television made of?

a television screen is made out of quartz

How does a TV image form on a screen?

How an image is formed on the tv screen

How do you make an ipod screen appear on a tv screen?

You can't actually put the iPod screen on a tv or external monitor the only thing you can put up on the tv is with a tv output. You can put up the screen of the iPad on the tv

How do you correct a tv that goes into deep sleep?

if somthing is wrong with the screen , then take it to a repair man, or (with help) open the tv and find the incorrect portion of the software

What do Blu-ray players do on a big screen television?

When using a blu-ray player on a big screen TV, you should have a normal, clear picture, just as you would with a blu-ray on any other TV. If your big screen is a HDTV, your picture will be even better!

How would I clean debris from the inside of my LCD TV screen?

It is not advisable to attempt cleaning the inside of an LCD TV screen at home. It should be brought to a professional. If you are going to attempt it, the entire back of the TV will need to be removed.