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tell that friend he/she might not believe you though but dont get mad it will only make it worse.

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How did Eminem's friend big proof die?

Eminem's friend Big Proof died by getting shot at a night club. So Eminem dedicated Going Through Changes to his friend Big Proof.

If someone cheated on a test should you tell?

Yes, you should tell, but before you tell, get PROOF. Because someone who would cheat on a test, would deny it too.

How can you break up with your boyfriend knowing he cheated on you?

Confront him with the reason why you want to break. Though it's not a necessity if you are absolutely sure he cheated, it'd be best to give proof to him so he knows for sure you know and that you don't want to put up with it.

Is john cena's wife cheating on him?

She has already cheated on him once. There are a few rumors going around that she cheated on him again. But there is no proof that this is true.

Who is Eminem's best friend that dies?

Big ProofEminem's best friend is Big Proof

You move away and you think your girlfriend is cheating but you are still together then you found proof shes cheating but you still dont believe it then she tells you she is in love with someone else?

If you found proof that she's already seeing another guy, there's no use in feeling sympathy for her. she doesn't deserve you if she's willing to give you up. don't beat yourself up over it. the only thing that can heal you is time. i know how it feels to be cheated on. not the best feeling in the world, is it?? I'm sorry that this happened to you. In my opinion, i don't think you should forgive her. My friend was dating this girl, and she cheated on him, and then they got back together. i think its a horrible mistake to get back with someone who cheated on you. If they do it once, no doubt their going to do it again. I'm never going to forgive the person who cheated on my best friend. you should think about it though. it depends on how close your relationship is with this person. I think you should find someone else that will make you happier than this person. have a new beginning, and basically just start over. That's all i can tell you.

Should you stay with your boyfriend if hes cheating?

Only if you have proof. Maybe its a friend you may be mistaking and I have done that before.

Who is eminem best friend?

Proof was but his best friend but he recently died:(

Who i dreamed that your crushes best friend told you that he like you what does this mean?

That means that he might like you or his friend is just trying to embarrass you. This happened to me so I told his friend that I didn't believe him so he went and got proof. If they show you proof then it's true. So take a chance and tell the best friend, "Yeah? Well where's the proof?" If he truly likes you his best friend will get proof.

What do you do if you find your man has cheated on you and he does not respond when you question him?

If you have positive proof that your boyfriend has cheated on you and he is not responding then it is time to let him know that you don't share your boyfriends with other young women and kick his hide out the door!

How do you tell a friend their girlfriend is sleeping around?

This is a hard thing to do. It is harder to prove. You must first have solid proof that this is going on. Because if you only think it is you can put your friendship in mortal danger. If there is proof, present this proof to your friend and let your friend make up their own mind.

How do you tell your friend his girlfriend cheated on him?

This is a gray area but as a friend it is always best to tell them as long as you are going to have substantial proof as he will not believe you otherwise. Also, you have to realize this may cause problems between you as you are going to be the bearer of bad news. You could always let her know and are going to tell him if she doesn't. Be sure your making the right choice but a good friend will always do so.

Who was Eminems best friend?

eminem best friend is deshaun holton. (aka proof) eminem and proof met in high school when eminem was auditoning for a rap group

Did Eminem miss proof?

yes he miss proof he eminem best friend why will you ask something like that

You think your friend stole your ipod what should you do?

Call them up and ask them if they have "seen" your IPod. If you have proof that they have it talk to their parents and if you need to call the police.

Who is eminems best friend?

Eminem`s best friend`s name is proof. Eminem and Proof where very close friends and former rappers from the rap groupe D12 unfortunetly Proof was shot and eminem was never exacly the same... :(

Should you tell your good friend that her best friend hooked up with her ex boyfriend especially if she is still in love with her ex?

I think that honesty is the best policy. If you know for a fact and have proof that this person's best friend hooked up with her ex, yes. you should let her know. That would be nice but you don't always have to.

Why did eminem write the song like toy soldiers?

he wrote the song for his friend big proof who got shot right in front of him. it was a very sad moment, big proof was his best friend

Small claims court for lending a friend 900 and not getting paid back?

Yes, that would be the proper venue. Make sure you are able to produce proof to the court that the loan was made.

What should you do if you loan your CD collection to a friend and that person refuses to return it?

Call the police ,guards ,cops what ever it is in your counrty and supply them with a recipt of proof of purchase

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