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you should check that it has not broken the blood circulation, if it has, bathe it in warm, salt water and keep it clean. If it hasn't, don't worry!!


if there is blood coming out of the nail, it has broken the blood circulation.


If its bleeding, a powder available from the pet shop such as quickstop will stem the flow. If you can't get to a pet shop then corn flour can make a pretty good substitute. Crumble some into a bottle top and dip the bleeding nail into it

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Q: What should you do when your guinea pig breaks a nail?
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What does an overgrown guinea pig nail look like?

An overgrown guinea pig nail is long and normally curled. If the nail isn't clipped, then the curled nail can begin to grow underneath the guinea pig's paw and cause pain. A guinea pig's claws should be clipped once a month.

Why does your guinea pig have a nail in his back?

Guinea Pigs do not have holes in there back. your guinea pig probobly has a growth on its back. You should see a vet if it doesnt go away!

Should you worry if your guinea pig bites and breaks skin?

no ive never known guinea pigs bite

How long should your guinea pigs nails be?

the nails of your guinea pig should not be too long. you can check on this when you carry your cavy, if it is too sharp then you need to trim it. just be careful of the "quick"it is color red in the nail and if you cut it, it will bleed and your guinea pig will be hurt.

Can you put iodine on a guinea pigs nail injury?

It's best to ask a veterinarian about the use of iodine on a guinea pig. However, cornstarch or styptic powder can be applied to a guinea pig's injured nail.

Is it okay for a guinea pig to smell nail polish smells?

No! No animal or person should! It's very dangerous!

Can a guinea pig die from gas?

If your guinea pig farts, that's fine. If the guinea pig poops, that's fine. BUT IF YOUR GUINEA PIG SHARTS you should see a vet.

What should you do if you guinea pig breaks both back legs?

You should take your guinea pig to a veterinarian immediately. This is extremely painful and if not treated properly can lead to death from septis or shock or permanent cripppling of the legs from mis-healed bones.

What should you do with your guinea pig if it dies?

It is better to bury the Guinea Pig in the soil.Try to find how the Guinea Pig died by checking it with a vet.

If you cut a guinea pig's nail too short what do you do?

take it to a vet

What should I feed my guinea pig?

guinea pig food =] muslie or nuggets

Is cardboard safe for a guinea pig?

Yes, if your guinea pig eats some it should be fine, it is also great to transport your guinea pig in.

Can a Guinea Pig and a Chinchilla get along?

you should never put a guinea pig with a chinchilla

Do you need to bathe your guinea pig?

you should bathe your guinea pig once weekly.

How long should you brush your guinea pig?

you should probably brush your Guinea Pig for about 5-10 minutes

How long should you hold your guinea pig for?

your should hold your guinea pig for about 30min to an hour each day

What to do if your guinea pig eats an earthworm?

dont worry. the acid in your guinea pig's stomach will disolve the worm and kill it. if your guinea pig eats a guinea worm, then you should worry.

My guinea pig is going bald and is four years old what can i do to help it?

The guinea pig should see a veterinarian. The veterinarian can discover the cause of the guinea pig's hair loss, and he or she can see what should be done for the guinea pig.

Can you polish a guinea pigs nails?

I don't recommend polishing guinea pig's nails at all because of everything that is used to make nail polish is not really good. Even the smell , it is very strong and you wouldn't want to harm your guinea pig with whatever is in the nail polish.

How much should a healthy guinea pig weigh?

I have a female guinea pig and she weighs 2 pounds 2 ounces (its how much a male should weigh) a female should really be 1 pound 15 ounces, but my vet says to let your guinea pig be a little fatter than they should be because a chubby guinea pig is a happy guinea pig! Hope that helps :)

How often should a guinea pig be groomed?

A guinea pig should be groomed everyday or at least every other day.

How much should you feed a guinea pig?

you should just make sure your guinea pig has enough 24 7

Should you get another guinea pig for your other one?

Yes you should get a buddy for your guinea pig because they can get very lonely.

Should you get a budgie or a guinea pig?

Guinea Pig. Budgie. Ask questions and think about it first.

Should you clean the guinea pig cage out after the birth?

Yes because there is the after birth from the guinea pig