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When you go for your first prenatal appointment, your doctor should give you a list of foods to eat, and foods to stay away from. The most important thing you want to eat is green, leafy vegetables. The nutrients in vegetables will help your baby when developing. Fruits are good to eat during pregnancy also, but you may want to limit fruit if you are at risk for gestational Diabetes.

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Q: What should you eat while pregnant?
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Why I can't eat while I am pregnant?

If you are normally pregnant, you should definitely eat, in fact, you should eat a little more than usual!

Can you eat vegetables while pregnant?

Yes, and you definitely should eat vegetables while pregnant. Your developing child needs the nutrition from them.

Is haggis ok to eat while pregnant?

It's OK to eat the same while pregnant.

Is it safe to eat guava while pregnant?

Yes. You can safely eat the guava while pregnant.

Is it safe to eat pomegranate while pregnant?

Yes, you can eat this fruit while pregnant. It is good to have healthy snacks during your pregnancy. Healthy eating habits should start in the womb.

Can you eat falafel while pregnant?

Falafel is a simple vegetable dish that should pose no problem to the pregnant woman.

Is it safe to eat avocado while pregnant?

Yes... it is safe to eat avocado while being pregnant.

Is it safe to eat octopus while pregnant?

If it has been properly harvested, prepared and cooked, it should be safe to eat.

Can you eat Boursin cheese while pregnant?

You should try to avoid soft cheese.

Is it healthy to eat moose while pregnant?

i am pregnant , can i eat lemon moose whilst pregnant?

Can you eat activia yogurt while pregnant?

No, do not eat activia yogurt while pregnant. Just eat the other kind of yogurt.

How much more should you eat when pregnant?

There is no set amount that a woman should eat when she is pregnant. She should eat healthy and eat when she is hungry.

What can i eat while pregnant?

Eating while pregnant seems like it could be a tricky situation, but it's actually very easy! Pregnant women should eat a well balanced diet containing foods from all food groups!

Is it safe to eat spinach while pregnant?

It is more than safe to eat spinach while pregnant. Spinach enriches your blood, so it will be good for the baby, check with your doctor of what quantities you should be having them

Should you eat buttermilk pancakes while pregnant?

Unless you put raw meat, seafood or alcohol in them they are safe to eat.

Can you eat camembert while pregnant?

No you cant eat Camembert when your pregnant. My sister is pregnant and she has this list of stuff not to eat and Camembert one of them.

Can you eat halls throat lozenges while pregnant?

You probably should be asking your doctor that, not online.

What should you not eat while your pregnant?

healthy you can also have a little bit of sugar and dont do drugs

Why you can eat jalapeno while pregnant?

Im pretty sure you can eat jalapenos when pregnant!

Can you eat dried shrimps while pregnant?

pregnant women can eat dry prawns

Is eating tissue paper harmful while pregnant?

why would anyone eat tissue paper? i would say dont eat it while pregnant or not pregnant.

Can you eat Philadelphia cream cheese while pregnant?

The only reason cream cheese should be avoided while pregnant is if you've been advised to reduce your fat intake.

Should you eat spaghetti carbonara while pregnant?

no because a proper carbonara is made with pure egg yolks witch you are no aloud when pregnant

Can you eat conch while pregnant?

Yes you can, I'm from the Caribbean and we eat conch while pregnant all the time, its rich in protein

Can you eat tartare sauce while pregnant?

Scientific studies show that mothers who eat tartar sauce while pregnant have babies whose brains are seriously underdeveloped. I highly advise you NOT to eat tartar sauce while pregnant.