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What should you invest 1k in?

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i need to have a deal or something that would generate daily income- In general, you have to have money to make money. With $1K, you might as well try to win the lottery or gamble - it is not enough to make a solid, long term investment. Even a small hotdog stand would cost more due to licensing, and inventory. Save more, examine your possibilities based on your talents and skills.

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how much money should I give you guys?

I think 1K

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What is 1k in computer terms?

1k = 1024

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Which energy source should the city should invest in?

The city should invest in renewable energy sources like solar power.

What is 1k?

1k is the abbreviation for 1 thousand.

What should you invest in?


How do you take a level 10NPC in Evony?

I may be mistaken but I believe this combination should work. 97k archers 1k swordsman 1k Pikeman 1k scouts With waves of 10k warriors before it. With at least a 200 attack hero so as not to be as many losses.

Should people invest in Ben and Jerry's Ice cream franchise?

Stephen Colbert has an ice cream there. Jim Cramer says: "INVEST! INVEST! INVEST!"

What 1k means in Indian rupee?

'1K' is an abbreviation for 1000 (one thousand). It could be 1000 of anything.

Should you invest in Iraqi dinar?

You should probably not invest in Iraqi Dinar. Utahâ??s Department of Commerce have warned people against a scam in which someone is persuaded to invest in the currency.

Should I invest a percentage of my paycheck?

Some people invest a percentage of their paycheck. You should only invest a part of your paycheck if you have enough in savings and if you do not need the money immediately like for bills.

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Why we should invest our capital into your business?

You can encourage people to invest capital into your business. People should invest capital in a business when they believe the business will either be profitable or fill a social need which is important to the investor.

What does 1k mean?

1k=1ooo 2k=2ooo 3k=3000 .......and so on.......

How do you get 8GB equals how many MB?

8 * 1000 = 8000MB pure computer science answer: 1024 bytes = 1k 1k * 1k = 1M 1k * 1M = 1G so you could also argue that it's 8 * 1024

What is 1k gold?

1k of Gold is a very small amount of Gold. 24k is pure Gold, so a 1k item would only be about 4.2% Gold

What gemstone should you invest in now?

None, gemstones are a horrible investment. Invest in real estate instead.

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Is 1K the same as 1kb?

Depending upon the context, it can be the same, but 1K is imprecise notation, and should probably not be used. 1kb in that case would be a more accurate way to represent you were referring to a kilobit than 1K. 1K could mean 1 kilobit or 1 kilobyte, which are two different measrements. Outside of computers, 1K could stand for 1 kilometer, for example. So to summarize, depending upon the context it is written in, it may well be 1kb (one kilobit), but without the context it is not possible to tell.

What does 1k stand for?

The K stands for Kilo which equals 1,000So 1K = 1 Kilos or 1 thousand.Hope this helps!It is: 1k = 1,000 which is one thousand

What is a good source for learning how to invest?

A good source for learning how to invest is to speak with a successful investor. They should be able to help you on your road to learning how to invest and profit from investing.

What does 1k mean in runescape mean?

1k means 1,000 gp how can you not know.... used the main word k in "1k" kilo is what it means and 1 kilo is 1 thousand.