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A person can name their bottle rocket anything that suits their preference. Good choices include Power, Fire, Fierce, and Boom.

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What is a bottle rocket?

A bottle rocket is a rocket made with a bottle.

How long should you shake a bottle rocket?

about ten times

What width should a nose cone be for a bottle rocket?

Ideally, as wide as the bottle, tapering to a point

How to make a soda bottle rocket?

You can make a soda bottle rocket.

What is the duration of Bottle Rocket?

The duration of Bottle Rocket is 1.53 hours.

How much water should you put in a bottle rocket?

none. You might put some water in the bottle to weight it down but you would not put any water in the rocket.

What was the Production Budget for Bottle Rocket?

The Production Budget for Bottle Rocket was $5,000,000.

How big should a nose cone be for a bottle rocket?

Well if you are using the standard 1 litre bottles, it should be the diameter of the bottle, and about 10cm tall.

How do bottle rockets work?

A bottle rocket is like a firecracker on a stick. The bottle rocket is placed at an angle in a soda bottle that is firmly on the ground. Then the bottle rocket's fuse is lit. When the fuse burns down there is an abrupt explosion in the bottom of the rocket that forces it to fly up. When it burns all the way up the bottle rocket, gun powder in the tip of the rocket explodes in the air.

How much money did Bottle Rocket gross worldwide?

Bottle Rocket grossed $407,488 worldwide.

What is Bottle rocket?

If you are in Science Olympiad, a bottle rocket is a modified 2 liter bottle designed to stay up in the air longer than its competitors. Another type of bottle rocket is a type of firework you place in a bottle to make it launch.

How does a water bottle rocket work?

In the rocket, the rocket should have water in it. When you pump air into the rocket, the compressed air wil push out the water and thus create the thrust to accelerate the rocket. Version 2.0 Get a 2 litre bottle of diet coke and put mentos inside. instead of a cap, a cork is placed.

What should be the recommended height of a bottle rocket?

you want it around 16-19 centimeters

How much money did Bottle Rocket gross domestically?

Bottle Rocket grossed $407,488 in the domestic market.

What are the variables and constants in a bottle rocket?

The angle of the rocket. The amount of water in the rocket.

Why do you use fins and cone for a bottle rocket?

You use fins and a nose cone on a bottle rocket because the cone reduces the drag on the rocket, and the fins help stabilize the rocket.

On a pop bottle rocket how should the fins be cut?

They should be cut into triangles and place perpendicular to the rocket. This will give it greater stability when if flies into the air. Place the narrowest part of the triangle towards the top of the bottle and the widest part towards the bottom.

What is the fastest rocket aircraft?

soda bottle rocket, niglet.

Where do you put the weight on a pop bottle rocket?

inside the rocket

Who made the first bottle rocket?

It is hard to determine who really made the first bottle rocket since bottle rockets have been used for hundreds of years. The earliest report of bottle rocket use was during Chinese New Year.

When was Bottle Rocket - album - created?

Bottle Rocket - album - was created on 1997-08-05.

Can you help me decide on a name for my webkinz Reno or Rocket?

If the animal is very fast, you should name it rocket.

How can you find the center of mass of an object like a bottle rocket?

How can you find the center of mass of an object like a bottle rocket?

Why is it important not to have any leaks in a water bottle rocket?

If you have leaks in a water bottle rocket, the pressure will quickly escape along with the water and the rocket won't be able to reach as high an altitude as a rocket without leaks.

How do you put a parachute on a bottle rocket?

The best method is to tape the parachute to the side of the bottle and stuff it inside of the nose cone. The nose cone should have string connecting it to the rocket, yet, the nose cone is not actually taped to the bottle. It should balance on: a) Tabs (Cardboard) b) Just have it firmly on top of the top of the bottle This way, the rocket will soar straight up (hopefully), the nose cone will detach (but stay connected), the parachute will fill up with air and expand, and your successful rocket will sink to the ground at about 2-6 mph.