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Do not mix gold plated connectors with silver connectors. In other words, if the socket on the motherboard is gold plated, use gold plated DIMM's, same for silver. The 2 do not mix. This causes corrosion and separation of the module. Also, use the recommended speeds. If one is lower than the motherboard requires, your system will not be stable, resulting in the loss of data.

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Q: What should you not do when mixing RAM?
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I have 512MB DDR2 533MHz RAM in my laptop and I want to put a 1GB DDR2 533MHz stick in the second RAM slot. I remember old computers not allowing this mixing of capacities. Should it work?

Yes it should (the clue is that if you motherboard is coping with just one stick then you clearly don't need matched pairs)

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How do you measure the amount of RAM you have?

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2 gigabytes of RAM is what you should get for a Touch screen laptop. If you only find 1 gigabyte, you can upgrade it with a 1 gigabyte RAM chip.

Should you see speed before buying a ram?

If you are referring to the speed of the RAM, then yes, you should check it before you buy it. For instance, the motherboard that you are using may be incompatable with the RAM you intend on purchasing, and as such, will not work.

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How do you tell if a PC has ddr ram or ddr2 ram?

Usually the RAM stick has a label on it saying what kind of RAM it is and how big it is, and it should say if it is DDR or DDR2. If not, don't know what to tell you.

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The maximum RAM capacity of Compaq Presario C300 laptop is 2GB DDR2 SDRAM. If you plan on maximizing it, you should use 2 pieces of 1GB DDR2 RAM.

Will a ddr3 1066 RAM work in a ddr3 1800 slot?

The slot itself is categorized as "DDR3" so it will fit. The speed of the RAM will only work if your motherboard supports that speed. Therefore, check your motherboard manual to determine if it supports DDR3-1066 RAM. If you mix up your RAM with different speeds, such as using a DDR3-1066 with a DDR3-1800, then the RAM speed will be matched with the lowest speed, making both RAM operate as a DDR3-1066. Mixing RAM of different speeds isn't recommended.

How much RAM should the average laptop have?

160Ghz to 1024Ghz. there really is no limit on how much RAM you could have

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It depends on the size of your RAM. If your RAM is small then Minecraft might slow down your computer. But if your RAM is large then you should be fine.

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