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There really isn't a list to tell you what you can and cant eat, but the first warning foods are Fish because of the Mercury that they have have through the water, you don't want to eat any kind of raw fish like oysters, and sushi, theres other names but I would just stay away from fish all together but that's me, then they say not to eat peanuts, or even peanut butter because peanuts have a high allergic reaction to babies and children at a young age, but that's up for argument about not eating it when your pregnant, and if you breastfeed you might want to stay away from cabbage and alot of broccly (spelling) because it might give the baby bad gas but they doctors say its up to the baby and the foods they can tolerate.

The only thing I was told not to eat was Tuna. Fresh fish is actually supposed to be good for you and your baby. As of peanut butter, I've only read positive feedback. I've been told to increase my intake while pregnant.

I stayed away from anything that could cause salmonella; like raw eggs that can be found in ceaser salad dressing, unpasturized cheeses, like feta cheese, ricotta cheese, etc. I also made sure the meats that I ate were cooked properly. Make sure your chicken and pork are absolutley cooked to the correct temperature, pregnant or not, but it was recommended to me while pregnant to eat beef that is cooked to medium at least. I love my steaks medium rare, but pregnancy is no game. Better to be safe then sorry. I ate salmon once a week, unless I had a can of tuna. There are alot of good fatty acids in salmon, and more importantly, drink alot of water and limit your caffiene intake! Water is just as much your babies life source as food. Vegetables are good for making your sure your breast milk has all the nutrients it needs, so unless your baby is obvuiously having problems because of it, I wouldn't cut out the greens. Listen to your body, keep your stress level down, and have a Happy Pregnancy.

Doctors recommend against soft cheeses such as feta and brie.

Do not eat liver because there is too much vitamin A in it for the baby.

Do not eat raw eggs or any meat that may not be cooked long enough.

Now I was told and I have read that you can eat tuna while pregnant, just in moderaltion, so only one serving a week. And as far as the sushi and oyster thing goes, I know you can have them if it is cooked, just no RAW fish, (not all sushi is raw).

im pregnant, and i was told to stay away from processed meats, suck as balogna! also, soft chesse, as i saw above and i heard sea food... meaning shrimp, etc... but i also heard to learn to like fish so, if youre really unsure about that one, ask your doctor.. unless youre like me, and fish makes you vomit! good luck ladies!

I recived a list of things not to eat and here they are.1. hot dogs,luncheon meats, or deli meats unless they are reheated until steaming hot.

2. soft cheeses such as feta,Brie, Camembert, blue-veined, and Mexican-style cheese like "ques blanco fresco."

3. refrigerated pate, or meat spreds.

4. refrigerated smoked seafood like salmon, trout, whitefish, cod, tune, and mackerel.

5. Do not drink raw milk, or eat foods that contain unpasterized milk.

Things that can be eaten are

hard cheese, semi-soft cheese like mozzarella,pasteurized processed cheese slices and spreds, cream cheese, and cottage cheese.

canned or shelf-stable pate, and meat spreads.

canned fish like salmon and tuna, or shelf-stabled smoked seafood.

Peanuts are ok to eat as a snack.

What about foods from certain restraunts like...Red-Lobster, Silver-Bay, or even Stake restraunts...

I have found that eating grapes, per my sister's suggestion, will make me feel less naseua. As she pointed out, you can easily pop them into your mouth if you are giving a presenatation or something at work. And they are not messy.

I have heard not to eat raw fish or oysters this is my second pregnancy my first baby was stillborn I was nine months pregnant with him. I wish I would of ate all the right foods while I was pregnant it is very important to eat healthy for you and especially the baby


I am now pregnant with my second child and am wondering if yogurt is safe to eat? I did not like yogurt until about a year ago and I am now eating it everyday for my lunch. Does anyone know if this is safe?

Yes, I just read in a magazine that yogurt is a good snack to eat when you're absolutely starving but don't want to eat a whole meal so close to dinner. So eat away!!

how about crabs, prawns, and mussels.? any ideas, Also is the laughing cow cheese considered soft cheese, I saw the ingredients and it does not say pasturized milk, only skimmed milk?

I was told by my doctor not to eat any preservatives and sushi

Just a correction, FETA is hard and not soft cheese. Apart from knowing it myself we asked the midwife and the hospital's pregnancy book said so as well, so it's safe to eat it.

You want to avoid fish. It is full of mercury and can harm your babies brain development. It does have good fat in it but the risk of mercury poisining is to high to risk it. You can get vitamina that have the good things that fish have but without the mercury. Look for DHA suppliments. A great person to talk to about all your prenatal questions is a Midwife. They have more time to really talk to you unlike a doctor. They are also great for labor. I prefer a Midwife for labor over a doctor as they really listen to you. You also do not have to delive with a Midwife to be able to see one. They are happy to do prenatals along with a doctor.

I loved my Midwife and I am sure you would also if you were interested. They are full of great info and really see you as a person and not just another sick person. (witch pergnancy is not a sickness)

If you have trouble finding one (if you are interested) do a Google search for local midwifes in your area. If you still do not find one then contact the closest one you can find and they should be able to help you find one closer.

Good luck with your baby and remember to stay away from the fish.

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Q: What should you not eat while pregnant?
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