What should you pay attention to in your driving test?

The driving testor's instructions. You will be nervous as hell but must still follow instructions. Make a full and complete stop at any stop sign and look three ways before moving again. I learned the test route from previous applicants before my test but on the driving test the instructor said turn right here. That was not the normal route. I somehow made it from the left lane of a fourlane highway to the right hand street entrance and between vehicles in the right lane without wrecking my mother's car and got back to the Patrol testing Post. A full and complete stop at stop signs is a requirement for passing the test. Using turn signals is another important requirement. It is also a requirement for your continued longivity. It is very possible to miss seeing a moving vehicle that is moving towards the intersection you are at because of the color of the oncoming car blending with the background colors of the area it is coming from. Sad, but true. A full stop gives you more time to see or sense movement.