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What should you take when you have a cold?

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Jz drink plenty of water...!!!

Also, eat good meals and get extra sleep and rest.

However, to avoid a cold, wash your hands more often, especially before handling food. Keep fingers out of your mouth, nose and eyes. Be aware of pre-cold symptoms such as feeling tired for no particular reason or other signs unique to yourself which you have noticed over time.

This is the best time to take action to fight off cold symptoms which will worsen without attention. I take about 500 mg of vitamin C every hour on the first day and about 60 mg of zinc the first dose followed by 30 mg every subsequent hour. I'm not so sure anymore that the vit. C does much but the zinc does and you will probably feel less tired after 2 or 3 hours. Vitamins are concentrated food and they do not 'attack' a cold virus. I'm not medically trained but I think the C and especially the zinc strengthen ones immune system. Three days of taking these vitamins is recommended even if you start thinking, "no, I don't think I really was coming down with a cold."

If you are feeling better the second and third days, taking less C and zinc may be okay, but continue to take some regularly - every hour or so and you may not get a cold at all, i.e., no symptoms and no virus. It's a little more likely that you will have the cold virus for 7 to 10 days but with none of the typical symptoms; probably just feeling tired. Or if the cold virus is a strong one you may catch the cold, i.e., have all the symptoms even though you did everything you could.

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What should you do your cat has a cold should you do anything for him?

Take him to the vet.

Should your baby sweat his cold out? should take it to a doctor.

Your gerbil has a cold what do you do?

You should take him or her to the vet.

What should you take medicine in cold?

Xtra strength Tylenol

Can you take cold medicine before surgery?

If you have a cold you should talk to your doctor about post-poning the surgery.

Can you take NyQuil while on Zoloft?

You should not take NyQuil while on Zoloft. If you need to, you should take another kind of OTC cold medication.

How much cold medicine should you take to help you sleep?


What type of vitamin should you take to avoid the common cold?


What should you do to get rid of a cold faster?

Take lots of vitamin C.

Can you drink cold water with tooth extraction?

yes should take cold not hot on the day of tooth extraction

What do you do to bring down a fever?

take a cold rag and put it on your forehead for about 1 hour or say a half hour and check back and it should be average. I've done it before or take a really cold bath/shower take a cold rag and put it on your forehead for about 1 hour or say a half hour and check back and it should be average. I've done it before or take a really cold bath/shower take a cold rag and put it on your forehead for about 1 hour or say a half hour and check back and it should be average. I've done it before or take a really cold bath/shower

What vitamins should you take for a cold?

Vitamin C will help the cold if you already have it, Vitamin D will lower your chances of getting cold in the first place.

Can you take methotrexate with a cold?

Yes, you should continue to take methotrexate unless your doctor advises you to stop.

Should you take a hot or cold shower when you catch a Flu?

You should take a hot bath if you have a runny nose or a cold bath if you have a high temperature ------------------------------------ Hot: Hot water may kill some of the bacteria, and the cold water may wake you up a bit.

What type of vitamin should we take to avoid the common cold?

Vitamin C is supposed to help when suffering from the common cold.

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Do not pick at the herpes blister.

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While taking Lexapro, should I take NyQuil while I have a cold?

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How do you get a small penis?

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Can you mix hydrocodone and cold medicine?

You should not take hydrocodone and cold medicine without first consulting a doctor, pharmacist, or other medical professional.

How long should you wait to take a temperature after drinking a cold drink?

20-30 minutes

Can you take cold fx if your on ramipril?

can I take cold fx if i am on ramipril

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Why do not take medicine's with cold water?

Although there are reports that people should not take pills with cold water, it's not necessarily true. You shouldn't take medication with hot water since it can cause the pill to dissolve before it hits your stomach.