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You can ask her stuff like "What music do you like?" or "What is you favorite color?". Just talk about general things and don't forget to listen to her.

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What should I do if My pregnant girlfriend is flirting with Other guys?

You should talk to your girlfriend about it. Talk to her about how it makes you feel when you see her flirting with other guys.

What should you talk about to your girlfriend?

Talk about Tom Cruise. (Or Justin Bieber)

What should you do if your girlfriend is controlling?

You could talk to her about it and see if she changes or you could get a new girlfriend.

What to do when your crush texts you everyday about how he does not like his girlfriend but he still stays with her should you text back and his girlfriend wont let him talk to you so you cant talk?

You should tell him he can't talk to you if he has a girlfriend because that makes him a player and girl, you deserve better!æ If he's trying to talk to you while hes got a girlfriend hes going to do the same thing to you.

What should you do when your best guy friend doesn't want too talk too you because you have promblem's with his girlfriend?

You should talk to him about what problems you have with his girlfriend. It is your friendship and should not be ruined due to some other person.

What should you do if your mother appears jealous of your girlfriend?

Talk to her! Deffinitly!

What should you do if your girlfriend is frigged?

tell her u love her and talk to her about it

What should you talk about with your ex-girlfriend?

Try to make each other happy try to be friends if you can't don't talk to each other.

What should you talk about with a girl or girlfriend?

What happened during their day(s).

You want to talk to your girlfriend but you dont kno what to talk about?

ask her about her day, or maybe you shouldn't talk at all, maybe you should just hold her

If man has a girlfriend but you feel he loves you how do you get to know What is on his mind exactly?

Talk to his mom. She should know him. ------------------------------------------------ If it doesn't work, talk to his girlfriend the way he's been acting or him specifically.

I'm In love with someone but he has a girlfriend what should you do?

Maybe you should not see him or talk to him for a while and see how you feel after that.

What do you do if you have a girlfriend that only will talk to you if you embarrass yourself?

Dump. Get a girlfriend who will always talk to you.

How do you know if your girlfriend has a personalty disorder?

If she's your girlfriend you should be able to talk to her about it. If not you could ask some of her close friends maybe?

My girlfriend is crazy about me but i don't know if i still love her what should i do?

Be honest with her and talk about how you feel

What should you do if your girlfriend betrayed you and she is only one you have?

Sit down and talk to her about it-work something out.

Can i hug another girl as a friend if i already have a girlfriend?

yes you can its not i meant anything if she takes it the wrong way just talk to her and tell her what you think. if your girlfriend gets mad you should just talk to her

What should i do i like this guy and he like me too but he has a girlfriend i really like him and he likes me too and we always talk and flirt and he calls me hot and cutie?

You need to tell him to talk to his girlfriend about whats going on.

Who should you talk to your ex girlfriend or the new older girl im talking to?

you should talk like the two of you are close friends but not at the best friend stag yet

What should a girlfriend do?

A girlfriend should do first of all what a friend would do- spend time with her partner, trust them, and encourage them to do their best. Beyond that, they should be there to comfort, to help, and to talk to. Relationships are all about trust and communication.

How often should you talk to you girlfriend?

If you are asking this question you are probably getting it wrong. But you should stick with a lot but don't be creepy.

What subjects should you talk about with a girl or girlfriend?

Anything at all, I talk to my girlfriend about anything (However we've been going out for a very long time) Just start with things you like, then ask what she likes, you might have things in common - If so - talk about that.

Should a boyfriend and girlfriend talk at least once a day?

OF COURSE!!!!!!!!! even if your across the country, you should talk at least once a day. i mean, if you dont want to talk to each other, why have the relationship anyway?

Is my girlfriend cheating?

Only she can answer that question for you but if you do suspect something you should talk with her calmly - without arguments.

What if your girlfriend is cheating on you what to do with that anger?

You should calmly talk to her and sort it out between you guys.Hope that helped :)