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Mix and match day is the day where you go crazy! You can wear anything and everything!

You can wear two different shoes, mix your shirt from your pants. For example, if you wear a plaid shirt that is red and blue, then put on pink and purple polka dot pants and be creative.

For your hair, you can put one side in a ponytail with a neon colored scrunchy o bow, and the other side, you can braid or leave out or curl it!

Wear two different types of socks on and if you want to wear two different leggings or tights or one leg bare and the other with leggings or pants leg.

Have Fun!! It's your chance to look as crazy as you want to be!!!

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Q: What should you wear for mix match day?
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What is Mix and Match day?

On mix and match day people go crazy with their outfits!!!! So wear shorts with tights underneath. Then for the shirt wear something with stripes or polka dots so u could wear short sleeves polka dot shirt and longs sleeve stripes shirt! Wear 2 different shoes socks and earrings. And for your hair you could just braid it or scrunch it or something. Hope this helped! Enjoy Mix and Match day!!!!!!!!!!

What to wear on crazy MIX MATCHED clothes day?

Pick something with your eyes closed. Then try and find other things that don't match it at all!

What are the release dates for Week in a Day - 2010 Mix and Match 1-16?

Week in a Day - 2010 Mix and Match 1-16 was released on: USA: 2011

How do you dress for mix and match day?

Mix things that have similar colors, designer brands, details, and patterns.

What does password mix match mean?

password mix match means when you by accidentally mix match your password.

What clothes match with vans trainers?

Vans will match almost everything! For winter/ autumn you can wear them with tight jeans or leggings. For spring/ summer you can wear them with denim shorts or a playsuit! Mix and match styles and dress up or down depending on the situation.

Should you stick with one color scheme when preparing cosmetic gift sets?

Always mix and match. No woman wants to wear the same make up every day of the year. She wants to be more festive and colorful at holiday and special occasions and reserved in a professional setting.

Do people act differently when they wear different clothes?

Sometimes they do but sometimes they don't. This is cuz some people mix and match, some people don't and when people don't mix and match then they do because they have a different expression which make them think and act differently.

Is it more fashionable to have a mix and match of dinnerware or should I keep with one pattern?

Mix and match dinnerware is used in more contemporary households to provide a sense of vibrancy and freedom, where as dinnerware consisting of one pattern is used for more traditional settings.

What should you wear to the webkinz beauty pageant to win?

in the webkinz beauty pageant u have to mix the clothing dont match find rare and/or exclusive clothing at the curio shop to impress the judges remember cheaper doesnt make it less fashionable

Should my wine glasses match my decanter, or is it ok to mix the styles?

It is best to match wine glasses with your decanter so it looks nicer and your guests will enjoy the look more.

Can you wear brown shoes with black pants?

As a general, unwritten rule the answer is no. You should not wear brown shoes with black pants/trousers. However, there are some exceptions such as depth of colour of shoes and item of clothing along with style. Ultimately, the decision is yours. If you are happy to mix and match such items of colour and are confident to wear them regardless of what others think, then what's stopping you?