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Why you want to be Head Girl.

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Q: What should you write in your head girl letter for your school?
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What should you write in an application letter for head-girl at your school?

first write an what position you want then write about your passion for the school, explain how this school has helped you to gain more skills, knowledge etc. talk about teacher etc then say what you would propose if you get a certain position.

If its a girl that go to your school and she stink what should you do?

You should write her a note, but not saying who you are and dont tell your friends that you did either. Just write her a note and put it in her locker when you have time.

How should I ask out this girl she is smart athletic and popular?

write her a secret admirer letter and then ask her out on a date

Is it right for a guy to write a love letter to a girl?

Of course it's right for a guy to write a love letter to a girl. If a guy has strong feelings for a girl he should let her know. Even if the guy is unsure about how the girl feels about him, it's okay. Just make sure no one else sees it except for the girl.

You fancy a girl at school what should you do?

If you fancy a girl at school you should be nice to her. You could ask her to spend time with you.

Did enid blyton write naughtist school girl book?


What do you do if you can't talk to a girl you like?

Write her a letter explaining how you feel about her.

How do you make a letter to go out with a girl?

If you a making a letter to ask a girl out, you should try to be funny and witty. The contents of the letter should be applicable to the two of you to be effective.

What should a girl wear for a school interview?

A girl should wear smart clothes for a school interview (tie, shirt, skirt/dress, school socks/tights and shoes)

What is the best love letter you can write to a girl friend?

The first thing you should write is something along the lines of: you're beautiful or you gorgeous and you mean the world to me. Then talk about all of the things you love about her.

How do you write a love letter to a girl if you are a girl?

The same way you would write one if you were a guy to a girl, or if you were a girl to a guy. Sex doesn't matter, only the feelings and sincerity you feel them with. I am improving this answer. First, make sure tht she's homosexual too. Then write a letter tht shows how much u love him or her.

How can you send a girl a love letter?

In your letter, you can write what you feel towards her. Put your heart in your letter.GOOD LUCK.......

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